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Parkside Primary School, Parkside - Welcome to our school website! Please take the time to explore the website. PLEASE NOTE: The school phone number has changed and is now 01785 450 145

Summer Term Little Explorers

Wk Beg 22.05.17


All this week, we are talking about 2D and 3D shapes again and on Monday the children will be treated to an ice-cream as snack.  They will be discussing the cone and the sphere of the ice-cream.  They will need to talk about pennies to buy their ice-creams and talk about adding the 1p's together to make their purchase.  All of this language will help the children understand shapes, positional language and the start to use everyday language related to money.


To be able to develop the children's taste buds, we will be making a fresh fruit salad on Tuesday.  They will learn to chop the fruit and how fruit is a healthy part of their diet.  On Wednesday we will be venturing out onto the playing field to explore the nature environment, discuss what they see and it grows.  When we come back to Nursery we will have freshly baked mini jacket potatoes.  They will talk about the shape of the potato, sphere, butter, cube, and cheese in a triangle.


School photographs will take place on Thursday morning at 9am so if your child attends Nursery in the afternoon, please arrive in time if you would like them to be part of their class photograph.  We will follow this with milk shakes and toast for snack and again discuss why milk is good for us and where it comes from.  The children will be able to say if their cup is full, half full or empty and pour it themselves.  On Friday we will be outside practicing for sports day, so lots of running and fresh air!! (Weather permitting!)


Please remember to label water bottles, clothes and apply suncream before you bring your children to Nursery.


As this is the last week before half term, have a wonderful holiday everyone!!


Little Explorers Nursery Team

Wk beg 15.05.17


Welcome to another week at Little Explorers Nursery.  This week the children have been on story street.  We have revisted all of our previous stories that we have enjoyed together and the children have used they recall ability to tell their favourite story to their friends.  We have concentrated on communication and language and used talk to connect ideas together.  They have focused on past, present and future tenses and have an amazing ability with retelling their stories. 


Following on with communication and language, the children have been asked questions that are personal to them.  Who is really special to you and why?  How do you know them?  Using reflection, asking the children what makes them smile and why?  What do they see when they smile and happy?

The children are encourage to talk to their friends and explain their feelings to each other.


Please remember about the sun cream and sun hats!!


Enjoy your weekend everyone.


Little Explorers Nursery Team


Wk Beg 08.05.17


This week in Nursery, the children have been working on their maths.  They have been concentrating on shape and whether they are 2D flat shapes or 3D solid shapes.  We have talked about the properties of all of the shapes and asking the children to describe what they see.  We have made a 'shape shop' were the children can go shopping and describe what they have bought and what shape it is.  Is it flat or solid?  How many sides does it?  Is it a 2D shape or 3D shape?  Please help your children at home with the language of shapes and if they can tell you something about the shapes they see when you go shopping or around the house.


We are encouraging the children to talk about what they do in a day and in particular, the order in which they do it.  They wake up in the morning, have their breakfast and get ready for Nursery etc.  To help the children think about correct orders, we use sequencing jigsaws that show the order in which daily routines get completed.  If you can ask your child any questions in which they complete something like washing hands, sitting having tea, clearing the table and playing before bed.  They can then share this with the class. 


We still have flowers of achievements for your children to complete so please remember to pick up a new one, the children love sharing these stories with their friends. 


New the weather is hotting up (hopefully) please remember that your child needs sun cream applied before they attend Nursery.  This needs to be an all day application, something that will not need reapplying throughout the day.  Sun hats, fully named, also need to be kept in Nursery from now on.


Thank you


Little Explorers Nursery Team

wk beg 24.04.17


Welcome back after Easter and we hope you have all enjoyed the break!!  The children seem to be refreshed and have all come into Nursery well.

This week we have been using lots of positional language, getting the children to describe where they see things, on top of or behind, who are they standing beside and they are working hard to use this language during the day.


Being creative this week and the children have done some beautiful work including portraits of themselves and looking at their reflections to see what they notice about themselves like eye colour or hair style, long or short.  They have been practicing their scissor technique and holding the scissors in an effective grip to cut out shapes.  If you can help your child at home by providing a chance for them to cut old birthday cards or pictures, we would appreciate your support in this important development stage.


Before Easter the children planted some seeds and they have now started to grow.  We have been discussing how the seeds grow, what they need to grow and what we think they might look like when they are bigger.


Finally this week we have had the sponsored bounce on the playing field.  All of the children that attend on a Friday took part and had a wonderful time.  Thank for sending in their sponsor money and supporting our pta and school activities.


Enjoy the Bank Holiday Weekend!!

Wk beg 01.05.17


Wow, its May already and where is the time going?   We hope you enjoyed the long weekend and finally the sun is shining!


This week at Nursery we are carrying on the planting theme and we will be planting carrots and potatoes.  The children will be practicing their counting skills and discussing number set, how many in a set and identifying their numbers.


We will be looking at daytime/ night time this week and talking about now, next, later and before.  As part of next steps we are encouraging the children to stay in their own beds at night and getting them to talk to us about how proud they are of themselves if they manage to do it.


Moving on with shapes, we will be progressing the children with 2D and 3D shapes and getting them to talk about what they see and if the shape is flat or solid.


As you are aware, Monday was a Bank Holiday and this Thursday the school is closed due to a polling day.



Enjoy your week!!