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The Dream Team

W/C – 4 – 2 - 19

It has been another busy and exciting week in the Dream Team.


The children have all been working extremely hard in their numeracy where we have begun our new unit on measures. As well as securing how to measure length accurately with a ruler, we have been using our problem solving and reasoning skills to help us explain our understanding of both accurate measurements as well as our understanding of converting measures from centimetres to metres and centimetres to millimetres.


In our literacy this week we have completed the draft for our ‘Journey to the Dump’ piece of writing. The children have been working extremely hard to use different word types in their sentences, such as time and place prepositions and fronted adverbials, to help create a more powerful effect within their story.


We have had fun in music this week where we have been practising some fun rhythmic techniques and games. It has been fabulous to see the children having so much fun musically.


Next Thursday we will continue with our Forest school project so the children will need to come to school in warm outdoor clothes and bring wellies for outside. The children will need to bring their school uniform to change into for the afternoon.


Please remember that weekly spelling and homework are always on the class pages of the school website as well and weekly update and photos of the children learning.

W/C - 28 - 1 - 19

Wow!! What a week!

The children have had a very busy week in the Dream Team and lots of exciting things have been happening... I'm sure you have heard!

On Wednesday a letter was delivered to the class my Mrs Francis. On opening the letter, the children were shocked to find that it was actually from a lady who didn't really know who she was. the last thing she said that she remembered was being in open waters and swimming with lots of people around her. When she eventually reached land, she walked for days and days. She finally reached Stafford where she said she had gone to a building where she got a hot funny tasting drink. The lady explained that she felt even more confused when people kept acknowledging her with "Good afternoon Anne!" or "Good  afternoon Miss Bonny".

So... the investigation started. The children in the Dream Team researched her name and found out that she was actually a Pirate who was born back in 1700. They found out lots about her life and recorded it in a special fact file for her. It worked... On Thursday morning Mr Compton came into class to say he had had a phone call from a 'Miss Bonny' who had called to thank the children for helping to find out who she was. She was finally able to get back to she ship.

But that was not all...

On Thursday the children came to school dressed as pirates. An assembly was held first thing, led by Captain Emery and Captain Stanton. We sang song and told stories. Suddenly, smoke began to appear and a strange noise came from the stage. All of a sudden, on the stage, a pirate appear in his ship. He introduced himself as Captain Kidd. He didn't sound a very kind pirate!

When back in class the children decided it would be a good idea to write to the paper about what had been happening over the last two days! What a strange week!

Please see the class pages for photographs from the days as well as the school newsletter for one of the news reports that was written.

Have a fabulous weekend.

W/C - 21 - 1 - 19

The Dream Team have had such a busy but fantastic week. We began to explore our unit Stone Age in more depth which led to research about Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods of time - a definite tongue twister! But their inference and retrieving skills allowed them to understand these significant events in History, this will additionally extend into all aspects of their learning. Not only have we been researching key facts of the Stone Age, but we have incorporated this into sports. This week we have taken a slight twist into our gymnastics lessons, applying our knowledge of body movement and balance, The Dream Team recreated the scene in our class text ‘Stig of the Dump’ and experienced ‘falling’ from a height. As you know at Parkside, we are eager for children to be fully immersed in their learning journey, so to get the full effect of ‘falling’ the children have looked at other texts that create this thrilling scene. ‘Touching the Void’, ‘127 Hours’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’ have been other extracts we have looked at to compare how other authors grab their readers attention through effective writing. In our maths lessons we have continued to focus on money and how change is calculated. The children have worked hard to use their knowledge of column subtraction and hard work pays off! It was great to get parents involved in our numeracy morning and demonstrate our mastery approach to learning, thank you for your consistent support. We hope this was beneficial and we welcome any queries of how you can assist with learning at home.

A quick note to the Dream Team - “It has been such a blessing to meet so many high achieving pupils at Parkside Primary, you never cease to amaze me with your continuous curiosity and future ambitions. Continue to aim high, smile and most importantly be HAPPY! I’m sad to be leaving such a wonderful school but be warned... I’ll be receiving updates!” - Miss Chafe :D

W/C - 14 - 1 - 19

What an exciting week! We have started this week off with an exciting concept in Numeracy, the wonderful world of money! Money and currency is a lifelong necessity within society and is a key learning opportunity for children. Throughout this week we have started to understand value of money for different things in our daily lives. This started such a beneficial discussion between the children and they had lots of important and interesting questions to ask. We also made connections to money through bank cards, household bills and even savings. Money has been a great way for us to relate our learning beyond the classroom which the Dream Team have done effortlessly, they now know that it is never to soon to start saving! However this is not quite the end of our understanding of money, we are greatly looking forward to our maths morning which you are all encouraged to attend. I’m confident that you will be amazed with our money experts in the making!
It has also been an exciting week in Literacy, as we drew our ‘Flotsam’ text to an end. We have had such a fantastic journey understanding how picture books allow us to make our own assumptions of a story using the power of imagination.
But, time for a new journey in a new direction....The Stone Age! As you know, Thursday was our Stone Age launch. To relate to our text ‘Stig of the Dump’ we travelled back in time (over 2.5 million years ago to be precise) to the caveman era. What a more creative way for the Dream Team to be involved than for them to make their own Stone Age cave. This has led to lots of questions of what materials they may have used and their lifestyle which is lovely to see how excited are Dreamers are.
We have an exciting week ahead of us next week where we will continue to ask questions, wonder and dream!


W/C - 7 - 1 - 19

Happy New Year

With an exciting new year ahead of us, the Dream Team have shown that the sky’s the limit and that we can achieve anything! It has been a privilege to see that even after a relaxing two week break, everyone has returned to school with every intention to succeed and achieve. 

In our Numeracy we have been learning how to solve high value calculations with column multiplication. The children have needed to apply their knowledge of their times tables to help them with this method which has highlighted just how much they help us! After lots of brain power, we have all managed to achieve this skill with some even moving onto more complex challenges – amazing! 

Our Literacy text ‘Flotsam’ has been our main focus over the week. We have analysed a wide range of illustrations in the book and created a sequence of events in our books using time and place prepositions. Not only have we completed our flow chart, but we have looked at using apostrophes for possession. This can be a tricky area to understand, but through perseverance their knowledge of this has been used regularly in their writing.

Our class room has had its very own ‘Parkside Makeover’ and all our dreamers have been blown away by their new learning environment. With their own cave made from boulders, skeletons and a fabric display … we cannot wait to begin our Stone Age adventure!

Finally, I would like to say a big well done for starting the year on such a positive note. Keep up the hard work and enthusiasm.