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The Incredibles Latest News

W/c 8/10/18


This week the Incredibles have moved on from place value and we have begun our addition unit in Maths. We have looked at problems that involve us carrying numbers. To help us we have begun to use our new place value counters. In literacy, we have started another new unit of writing- character description!  We have had a sneak peak at the original Willy Wonka film and have read a  passage from the book to gain some insight into how Willy Wonka moves, behaves and looks. We then drew around a fellow class mate and filled the drawing with descriptive words about Willy Wonka. We are very excited about our new unit and cannot wait to get stuck in next week!

W/c 1/10/18 


This week the Incredibles have been planning and drafting their recount about their day in the life of Charlie Bucket! They produced fantastic work about the grueling tasks they had to perform during the day like making the slimy porridge and scrubbing out the stubborn stains from their washing. Also this week we have been learning about what nutrients our bodies need and why we need them. 

W/c 24/09/18


This week we have begun to read our class text – Charlie and the chocolate factory. We have been reflecting on our day in the life of Charlie Bucket in preparation to write our recount of the day. We have watched the first part of the film and used parts of the book to enrich our vocabulary and to help put us in Charlie Bucket’s shoes. We have also begun to discuss what we know about chocolate and what we would like to know about chocolate. From these discussions we have formed excellent and inquisitive ideas and questions to lead us through our chocolate adventure!

W/c 17/09/18


This week, the Incredibles played carnival games to be in with a chance of winning a chocolate bar. However, although they may have won the game this did not necessarily mean that they would win the chocolate. The children had to check underneath their chairs to discover whether they were a winner or not. The games played were:

Hook a duck

Find the key

Pop the balloon

Buzz off

Bobbing for apples

Higher or lower

Ping pong timestables



The Incredibles also got a chance to create their own chocolates and blind taste test a variety of different chocolate bars. Lastly, an unexpected visitor came whilst all the children were outside and left us a mission and a pile of chocolate. The task at hand was to redesign the old chocolate bars and re-market them. The letter was signed by Mr Willy Wonka! He also mentioned that if the work produced was of high quality, he would allow the children to come and have a tour of his fantabulous chocolate factory.

W/c 10/09/18

This week, the Incredibles were transported back in time to live a day in the life of Charlie Bucket. When the children came into school they lost the privilege of shoes and warm clothes. The children were then taken to the factory, where they completed monotonous tasks such as bead threading and pencil sharpening under the treacherous ruling of the factory manager. At the end of their day the children were paid a measly two pence to spend on a slice of bread for their family unit or a singular chocolate button. In the family home, the children were exposed to a drafty and cramped lifestyle. At the house, the Incredibles had to chop the cabbage for their lunch, mix water with porridge oats, wash out stubborn stains with only a brush and cold water and sweep the garden. After their exhausting day they had to cramp themselves up into a tiny bed. What a long day it was…