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Parkside Primary School, Parkside - Welcome to our school website! Please take the time to explore the website. PLEASE NOTE: The school phone number has changed and is now 01785 450 145. Should you require a paper copy of any of the information on the website, please contact the school and a copy will be provided free of charge.

Updates on our learning & key reminders

Wednesday 6th September 2017

Wow! What a fantastic first day in Year Four we have had!

The children have come back absolutely brilliantly and they all look extremely smart and ready for a new school year. We have started to think about our class charter and class name today and made sure we know where everything is in our classroom.

Year Four have named themselves 'Star Fours' (inspired  by Star Wars) and we are going to 'Reach for the stars' every day!


Let the adventure begin......

Monday 11th September 2017 ~ World War II Day!

Today started off like a normal day. We completed our 'Morning Maths' and then, out of nowhere, Mr Compton arrived at the door with a parcel, which had just been dropped off, from a museum. We were all a bit confused! Even the teachers! 

When we opened the parcel, it was lots of World War Two bits for us to have a look at sent from a museum, along with a letter. They wanted us to make some Anderson Shelters so we did that instead of our Maths and Literacy lessons! We all had a brilliant, unexpected day and it really brought our topic to life! What was even more exciting was what we found in the jacket pocket! A really old letter to 'Mummy & Daddy...' from a girl named Betty. We're still trying to work out where we think it has come from and why it is in the jacket pocket. We can't wait to learn some more!!

Please take a look at our pictures in our 'Photo Gallery' section and see for yourself what a fantastic day we had.