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Weekly Spellings

Week 7th December

There will be no new spellings to learn this week or next. In class the children will be revisiting the spellings they have had over the last five weeks in preparation for their end of half term spelling test will which be on Thursday 17th December. They will be tested on ten spellings from the 'rules' and ten spellings from the Year 5/6 word list. I would really appreciate it if you could encourage your child to practise these as much as they can over the next few days.

To help - on Monday 7th each child will be given a full list of all of the words they have learnt this half-term and a copy of this list is attached below.


Many thanks

Mrs Farmer

Week 30th November (ough letter string week 2)
Week 23rd November (ough letter string week 1)
Week 16th November (I before E rule)
Week 9th November - words with hyphens

Week 2nd November 'fer' or'ferr'

Week 12th October - revision of spellings.

There will be no new spellings this week. The children will be revising the spellings which they have been given since the beginning of the school year (all are below). They will have their end of term spelling test on Friday (16th) when they will be tested on twenty of these spellings. They are expected to practise at home this week in addition to the revision they do in class. Many thanks for your support with this.