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Afternoon Focus

Tuesday 19th May

Please see introduction on Monday


Learning Objective: Use a pencil and hold it effectively to form recognisable letters, most of which are correctly formed.


Have you got all of your leaves ready that you cut out yesterday?

Then you are ready to create your 'Beans Game'?

Pick up 1 leaf and write 1 type of bean on it clearly. As you do this discuss with an adult the type of action you could do to represent the bean. for example, runner bean - you could run on the spot.


Write a different bean on each leaf - discussing the action you could do.


Now you have all of your leaves ready to play the game tomorrow.





Tuesday 12th May

Please see introduction on Monday 11th May


Today (with an adult) learn how to use a piece of technology that you are less familiar with eg How to use a CD player or how to use a camera, record a video or to select a programme with a remote control or on a computer (remember internet safety).

After you have been shown you should be able to do this independently (with adult supervision) perhaps you could demonstrate this to another adult or sibling in your home.


Tomorrow we are going to look at how you are using technology for learning at home.




Tuesday 5th May 2020

(Please see introduction for the week on Monday 4th May)


2. Create your Tree (ready for placing it altogether)

You may decide to use a template from Twinkl or draw your own tree. You may use a different method/layout to record.

This can be A4 or a poster. 

See examples below.

Draw pictures of each individual member of the family you are going to include (you may want to use photographs).





Tuesday 28th April

(Please see introduction for the week on Monday 27th April)

Learning objective - Children know the importance of good health - physical exercise.


1.Doing exercise

Your child will have shared their knowledge with you yesterday. You may have asked them: What is exercise? What types of exercise do you know? What type of exercise do you do? Why do we need to do exercise? Why is it good for us? Can you help to develop their understanding further ... we need to exercise to strengthen our muscles and bones, help our brain and memory, it makes us happy, it gives us energy and helps us sleep.


Activity: outside if possible - hop, skip, jump around the garden (or do a Joe Wicks online workout).

After - How do they feel? - tired muscles, energetic, happy. Do they notice changes in their breathing, feeling hot (sweating), can they feel their heart beating faster. Talk about these effects and link it to why it is good for us.


Many thanks for your support. 




Tuesday 21st April

Please see Monday 20th for the afternoon plan.





Tuesday 31st March-- Music



In our music lesson today, we will focussing on learning a song. 


First things first, ask your child what songs/nursery rhymes they know already and perhaps perform them together. 


After this, introduce a new appropriate song, one they have haven't heard before could be a disney song or just a simple song/nursery rhyme. 

Learn the song together, step by step.


Step 1- listen to the song

Step 2- Find the lyrics online and recite them one chunk at a time. 

Step 3- Begin to sing it with the music. (even if you only know a verse or just the chorus)


Extension- if you have learnt a verse/chorus or even the whole song! Try singing with the just the music (no lyrics)


Please upload any evidence to Learning Book. (even if it is only a short description of what song you sang)