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Afternoon Focus

Wednesday 20th May

Please see the introduction on Monday


Learning Objective: Move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space.


Have you got your leaves ready? Then you are ready to play the 'Beans Game' - if you can, play this outside.

With an adult read through your beans and demonstrate the action you have decided to do.

How to play:-

1. You could place your leaves all around the garden. You run to each leaf, read what it says and do the actions (for 30 seconds).


2. With 2 or 3 players - choose a 'caller' they hold the leaves and read each leaf and the others do the actions (you can take it in turns to be the caller.


Hope you have had fun creating the game. Don't forget you can show us how you have got on by uploading any evidence into your Learning Book. 










Wednesday 13th May

Please see introduction on Monday 11th May


What types of technology have you been learning to use?

Choose a method of technology which will record how you are learning at home.

This may be photographs or a video or voice recorder or using a keyboard to write it down. The learning may be using technology or it might be you showing something you have been working on for your maths or literacy.

You need to be using the technology independently (under adult supervision).


To allow you enough time you can continue to work on this tomorrow as well.

On Friday we will look at ways you can share your learning with us. 





Wednesday 6th May 2020

(Please see introduction for the week on Monday 4th May)


3. Order and Place

Talk about the family members and place then stick the drawings of family members you did yesterday (or photographs) on your family tree.

Do they know their names? Often children know mum as mum and Grandma as Grandma and don't realise that they have a name. They could label with mum, grandma etc.

Do they know the jobs that the adults do and the addresses of where they live (including their own address)?







Wednesday 29th April

(Please see introduction for the week on Monday 27th April)

Learning Objective - Children know the importance of good health - a healthy diet.


2. Eating healthily

Your child will have shared their knowledge with you on Monday. You will have asked them what it means and made comparisons between foods they think may not be as healthy. Please help them to develop their understanding further... talking about the different food groups, fruit and veg, bread, rice, pasta and potatoes, milk and dairy, meat and fish. We need a variety of food to get a balanced diet and why? eg fresh fruit and veg is good for us because they contain vitamins, minerals and fibre which help us grow and repair, good for skin, eyes and tummy. 


Activity - Talk to your child about what they have eaten today. Can your child recognise the healthy options and maybe those that are not as healthy? What drinks are they choosing?

At tea time discuss the foods on their plate. Have they had a variety of foods during the day? are they aware of eating 5 portions of fruit/veg a day?


Many thanks for your support.




Wednesday 22nd April

Please see Monday for afternoon focus.




Let's do Science and Technology