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Afternoon Focus

Friday 22nd May

Today we are going to continue with another aspect of our physical learning objective:

Hop confidently and skip (without a rope)


As part of the story you have been working on this week (Jack and the Beanstalk). Jack was so pleased he had the golden egg he skipped for joy!


Can you skip? Try to skip (outside) remember when you skip you move from each leg, leading with one leg is galloping.


If you would like to try skipping with a rope too that is fine - this could be a new skill for you to learn.


Have a rest and some water, don't get too hot!


Can you hop? Try to hop on one leg as you move along, now try the other leg. Can you hop on the spot?

Do you have any chalk? You could always extend this and create a Hop Scotch game, great for hopping.


Remember if you have any evidence please add this to your learning book.


Many thanks for your support.





Friday 15th May

Please see introduction on Monday 11th

This week our learning objective is:

1. To recognise that a range of technology is used in the home.

2. To find out about and use a range of everyday technology.

3. Decide how to record an event.


How have you got on? 
How can you share your evidence with us? 
Remember it is about you using the technology in part 2 and particularly 3.

Can you work with an adult who will show you how they can add any evidence to your learning book or by sending it as an email to


Many Thanks for your support.




Friday 1st May

(Please see introduction for the week on Monday 27th April)

Learning Objective - Children know the importance of good health - keeping safe


4. Keeping Safe

Your child will have shared their knowledge with you on Monday. Did they talk about crossing the road, wearing their helmet when they ride their bike, stranger danger? 


Activity - Does your child know their address?

On their bike -Talk to your child about why they need to wear a helmet to develop their understanding of how it protects their head. 

Going for their daily walk -They are having less experience on the roads which are quieter, but when you go on your walks expect them to explain how to cross the road.

Stranger danger is a very sensitive subject, start with do they know what a stranger is, tell a story about a child in a situation and ask them what should the child do.


Remember the notes you wrote on Monday? Has your child gained knew knowledge? You can add this to your child's learning book or send anything you would like to share with your class teacher via email. Many thanks.






Friday 24th April

Please see Monday for afternoon focus.




As the weather is due to get better again this weekend we thought you might like to have a go at some of these physical challenges...