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Afternoon Focus

Afternoon Focus 18th - 21st May

Physical Development -

This week we are going to be working on fine and large motor development.


This morning you have started a new story - Jack and the Beanstalk.

Our afternoon activity links in with this. It is called 'The Beans Game' 

Monday 18th May

Learning Objective: Handle equipment and tools safely and effectively, show good control of scissors.


You will need some paper, a pencil and some scissors.

Today we are going to prepare the game and cut out some leaf shapes ready for the next stage tomorrow.


Think of as many types of different beans you know (adult - you could write these down).

10 minutes later:

How many could you think of?

Here are the ones I could think of: runner beans, broad beans, chilli beans, hot beans, cold beans, frozen beans, french beans, baked beans, pinto beans, jelly beans, jumping beans, string beans, bean stalk, flat bean, wild beans. 


Count how many you have thought of and now using the paper draw some leaves (they need to be big enough for you to write the name of each bean on each leaf - 3 or 4 on an A4 page (we are going to do the writing tomorrow).

Now cut them out - this is the bit you need to do independently (adult you can cut some out too if your child is struggling - this may be an area they need more practise with).


Now you are ready for the next stage tomorrow.





Afternoon Focus 11th -15th May

Technology - Learning objective - Recognise that a range of technology is used in the home. Find out about and use a range of everyday technology. Decide how to record an event in their lives.


Monday 11th May - Discussion

Talk about the types of technology you have in your home, such as computer, ipad, telephone, VA Alexa, camera, microwave, vacuum cleaner, tv and remote controls, CD player etc. 

Parents extend your discussion with your child with some questions: How does the vacuum cleaner pick the bits up off the floor?

What is powering it? Where does electricity come from?


Tomorrow we are going to look at using an unfamiliar piece of technology in the home. 





Afternoon Focus  4th - 7th May 2020

Learning objective - Talk about their family. Show awareness of relationship links. 


At this moment in time it isn't possible to see all of our families in person. This will give your child an opportunity to talk about their families and understand their own links to family members.

This week we would like you to create your 'Family Tree' (This can be small - child, siblings, parents, grandparents).


We will break this down into 4 parts to work on over the 4 afternoons this week (Friday is Bank Holiday).


1.  Discussion - 'Family Tree'

2.  Create Tree.

3.  Order and place.

4.  Retell.


Today - Monday 4th May 

1. Discussion - 'Family Tree'

Discuss all the members of your family with your child. What do they know already about what a 'Family Tree' is and  why is it useful? Have a look at Twinkl  What is a Family Tree? Download PowerPoint





Afternoon Focus 27th April - 1st May

Physical Development - Health and Self Care


Learning objective - Children know the importance for good health, of physical exercise and a healthy diet. They talk about ways to keep healthy and safe.


We have been discussing these aspects in class. This week we are going to look at 4 areas

1. Doing exercise

2. Eating healthily

3. Rest, sleep and keeping clean

4. Keeping safe.


Monday 27th April

Today is just a brief introduction. Talk about each of the 4 areas with your child. What do they already know?

Suggestion: Create a quick response sheet with the 4 areas on and a few notes about what they know now.

At the end of the the 4 lessons you should be able to add their knew knowledge to the sheet (please note there is no requirement for them to write this, it is purely for you to share and listen to their ideas). They had lovely ideas in our lessons in class.


Many thanks for your support.





Afternoon Focus for 20th-24th April



Monday 30th March


In our music classes we have been focussing on finding the beat in variety of songs both familiar and unfamiliar to the children. 

What I would like you to do for this afternoons music lesson is find a song on you tube or on a CD that your child is familiar with and find the beat. The children can clap, march, blink, tap, swing their arms or find any other way to find the beat within a song. After your child has done this successfully, try to find the beat in another song that is unfamiliar to them. If you wish you may upload any evidence onto Learning Book.