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Religious Education

Week Commencing 7th December 2020

Religious Education

The Nativity

Week Commencing 30th November


It's OK not to be OK - Dealing with our feelings

This week we are going to learn that sometimes it's ok to have different feelings, it is a normal part of our lives.


Today you will learn how different people react to different feelings an emotions. You will also learn how to help your friends with their own feelings.
Today you will learn that sometimes we all feel angry, and that's ok. We will look at different ways we can calm down when we fell angry.
Today you are going to learn what to do and how to react when people are being unkind to you.
We all worry about things from time to time, it's normal. Today you are going to learn how to manage your own worries. 
Feeling calm and relaxed makes us feel much better... Let's find out how!

Week Commencing 23rd November

Music - Ho Ho Ho


This week we would like you to continue working through the music activities that we started in class last week.

Remember to use your login's that were went home.

maybe you could try writing your own Christmas song to the same tune as Ho Ho Ho?

Have fun! 

Week Commencing 16th November

Music - Ho Ho Ho

To access your learning this week you need to use the login that has been sent home with you. If you haven't got this then please email me and I can send it to you.

Use the login details to access your learning for the week.

This week you are going to become 'composers'. You are going to take a song and then change the lyrics (the words) yourself.

You will also be listening to different styles of music each day.

There is a document below for your parents if they would like some extra information to help you with this learning - have fun!

Parents Support Document

Monday 16th November

Today I would like you to listen to the Christmas song 'Ho Ho Ho' by Jane Sebba. Try to sing along with the words and either move or clap  to the beat of the song.

Tuesday 17th November

Today you will be writing some new words for the song. This of some positive words you could use at the end of line 1 and line 4 - maybe 'awesome'.

Wednesday 18th November

Today you are going to be singing the song again but by adding the new words you came up with yesterday.

Thursday 19th November

Today you are going to take you music writing a step further. This time you are going to think of a new phrase to use in lines 2 and 3. Think again about something positive that you want to do or change.

Friday 20th November

Today you are going to practise performing the song you have written this week. maybe you could ask an adult in your house to film it fr you and send it to Miss Emery or Mrs Unwin?

Week Commencing 9th November

History - Remembrance

Monday 9th November

Remembrance Day PowerPoint

Tuesday 10th November

Wednesday 11th November

Why do we wear Poppies PowerPoint

3D Poppy Wreath

Thursday 12th November 

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension Questions

Reading Comprehension 1 - Easier version

Reading Comprehension Questions

Friday 13th November

Remembrance Mindfulness Colouring

Week Commencing 2nd November

Science - Materials

Week Commencing 19th October

Guy Fawkes - Bonfire Night 

Thursday - Create your own bonfire picture.


Friday - Create your own firework safety poster

Week Commencing 12th October

PSHE - Feelings


We all experience different feelings at different times in our lives. Sometimes we feel happy, sometimes sad.

​​​​​​​This week are going to learn how to help manage some of our feelings. 

Week Commencing 5th October

History - Jobs in the Castle


This week you are going to learn about the different people who work in a castle.

After learning about the different jobs, have a think about which of the jobs you would like to do!

Who Works in the Castle?