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Class updates

Fabulous Finish

And what a fabulous finish it really was! We had a fantastic day today with our end of topic street party. The children all looked fantastic in their WW2 costumes and had a lovely afternoon.
We played old fashioned party games  - musical bumps / statues and pass the parcel before having our WW2 party food. I raelly didn't think corned beef, spam and blancmange would be so popular.... empty plates and bowls all round!
The party ended with wartime dancing.... a fabulous finish!
Picture are in the class gallery below!


Year 4 Creativity Days

Well done and a huge thank you to all the children and their parents and helpers for all you help and hard work making the WW2 Anderson Shelter. I'm sure you would all agree that everybody worked very hard and there are some fantastoic creations now on display in the community room. I have also added some photographs to the class pages for you to see. the shelters will be bombed at the end of many will survive!?


WW2 Homework


Well done to you all for completing your ICT / WW2 / Literacy homework. It is clear you have all worked very hard. The recounts are available to read in the class documents below as is some of the research the children completed about why pigeons were important in the war. Well done to all!sad


WW2 visit to Weston Park

Year 4 had a fantastic day on Tuesday when we visited Weston park for a WW2 experience. It was great to see all the children dressed up as WW2 evacuees for the day - they all made a great effort. 
The children have written recounts of the day which can be found in the documents section below. There are also photographs from the day in the class gallery. 
We done year 4 - it was a privilege to take you out of school for the day.
many thanks to Miss Cookson and Mrs Purdell who came along to help on the trip.


What a busy half term!

It's hard to believe that the children have already been in Year 4 for half a term already. I have been extremely pleased in the way that they have settled into the class and are already making great progress. The children have really embraced the WW2 topic as well as the WW1 theme that we have been covering in our Literacy unit. I know they are all very much looking forward to our WW2 trip where we will all be evacuated to Weston Park for the day on 11th November. This will be particularly poinient as it is Remembrance Day. We also celebrate this year the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WW1.
Well done Team 4 - you have worked so hard this half term. make sure you have a good rest over the half term holiday so that you are ready and refreshed to continue your learning when we return on 3rd November.


Class of the Week

Well done to Team 4 who achieved class of the week for their trenches work. This was very well deserved and the children all produced some amazing writing - well done Team 4, you should be very proud of your achievements!



Well... what can I say! Team 4 had a fantastic morning yesterday when they 'recreated' the WW1 trenches to help them with their descriptive writing. The children worked in groups to follow a circuit around the school field... on their bellies as if they were crawling through the WW1 trenches. There were bases set up at different stages around the circuit where they were required to brainstorm powerful adjectives and adverbs as well as writing simile and personification sentences.

The following day the children used their learning to write some very powerful descriptions of the trenches. I will add some examples of these to the website for you to read.

Photos below.


Team 4 Gardeners

Team 4 had a very muddy afternoon today when we helped Mrs Evans in the school garden. As it is now Autumn there were lots of plants and veg that needed to be moved and harvested. The school garden area is slowly being moved to outside the Y3 classroom and so the children worked extremely hard to transfer a lot of the healthy items across.
The children transferred strawberry plants and put in blackberry and redcurrant plants ready for fruition next spring and summer.
The boys in particular enjoyed transferring the compost from one composter to another!



Well done to all the children in Year 4 who have really embraced our WW2 topic.
We have spent the last few topic sessions understanding why WW2 started and the effects that WW1 had on this.
The children have had a full day of topic work today and have really been working hard to develop their skills in research and enquiry.
Some photos of the children completing some mapwork are shared in the gallery below.


Topic launch day
Please Sir, can I have some more?
Digging for victory

Well I'm not sure about the children but the staff are exhausted after a fabulous and very launch day. The children worked in groups to take on the role of the children and land girls who would have been left at home during WW2.
For the first activity the children worked on the school garden area, weeding, after it had become so overgrown over the summer holidays before being able to harvest the crops. We were able to harvest potatoes, beetroot, runner beans and onions. These will be given to the school kitchen to use for school lunches, as well as for the children to sample in class.
The second activity was cooking using only rationed ingredients. the children were very surprised to see what lovely things could be made with little ingredients. Children made carrot cookies and beetroot pudding - I think the cookies were a hit and the children were able to take these home to taste! See the pictures in the gallery below of our fantastic launch day.


Team Building


On Friday afternoon 'Team 4' developed their team building skills in a 'Team challenge'. Using only one newspaper, one roll of tape, one pair of scissors, a ruler and a chocolate penguin the teams had to build the tallest tower (that would stay standing!) that help a penguin bar on the top. We were very impressed with some of the designs and we had a fab time. See the photos in the gallery below.


Topic Launch day - Digging for Victory


On Monday 8th September the children will be taking part in their topic launch day. The children will take part in two different exciting activities during the day. In the first activity, entitled 'Digging for victory', children will be working on the school garden area, harvesting the crops and planting for the new season, just as the land girls and some children would have done during the war. The second activity is entitled 'Please Sir, can I have some more?'. Children will be using rationed items as well as items harvested to make some of the recipes that would have been made during the war.