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Classroom Activities

Launch Afternoon - Friday 5th September 2014
Year Five had a fantastic launch afternoon making Anglo Saxon houses out of cardboard which some of the children brought from home (Thank you!) or they used the cardboard I had brought in. They were full of enthusiasm and were great team players working with a friend of their choice. They really did embody the school motto both during the activity and when it came to tidying up at the end of the afternoon.
We have decided to make the shields closer towards the end of the topic so that we can keep our designs a secret!
Please see the pictures below or come in and look at our topic display in the classroom.


Bikeability Days Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th September 2014

Year Five had two successful days of bikeability where they were trained by three instructors about how to ride safely both in and not in traffic. The instructors were very pleased with the whole class and in particular their maturity, their ability to work together when needed and their communication and listening skills. I was also impressed with the way that they brought their bikes sensibly into school on both mornings.
Year Five received class of the week on Friday the 3rd October because Mr Compton also noticed how sensible and mature the class were with the instructors. Well done Year Five!


Barclays Bank Enterprise Thursday 9th October 2014
Year Five had a visit from two representatives from Barclays Bank. They learnt about the skills that are needed when working in a bank as well as the importance of team work and listening skills. They were a credit to the school and showed enjoyment and enthusiasm during the session.
Please see the pictures below.


Harvest Assembly Thursday 16th October 2014
Year Five worked alongside Years Three and Four to create an amazing Harvest assembly. Their singing and recital of the Vegetable Fashion Show poem was excellent and they enjoyed doing the three different activities on the Wednesday morning.
Please see the pictures below.


Making the Dumps - Tuesday 18th November 2014
Year Five had an amazing morning using the school field to make their dumps inspired by our class text, Stig of the Dump. They were creative and innovative and worked very well in teams. Please see the pictures below.


Fabulous Finish to this term's topic reminder
Year Five will be creating their shields and swords on Friday 5th December. Thank you for the cardboard that has already come in but if you have any at home then please keep it coming in. Once again thank you for your support with this.
Year Five will be 'doing battle' with Year six on the afternoon of Wednesday 10th December. They have created a fantastic battle song based on the song 'You're the best!' Watch this space for some pictures after the fabulous finish!


Fabulous Finish Battle - Wednesday 10th December 2014
Year Five were amazing when in battle with the Year Six Vikings. They sang their battle song brilliantly in the hall before the battle and then took their swords and shields and defended their positions well on the school field. They were amazing and their behaviour was impeccible! Well done to everyone who took part. Please see the pictures below.