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Parkside Primary School, Parkside - Welcome to our school website! Please take the time to explore the website. Should you require a paper copy of any of the information on the website, please contact the school and a copy will be provided free of charge.

Curriculum Overview

Parkside Primary School

and Little Explorers Nursery

The Parkside Adventure

At Parkside Primary School, we believe in our motto of Care to Learn and Learn to Care. The 'Parkside Adventure' brings it to life.

Our Aim

 The 'Parkside Adventure' is the bedrock of our school and it provides the detail of what is actually taught. We want our curriculum to be exciting and inspiring so children want to learn about their topics and be part of them. The aim of  the 'Parkside Adventure' is to be exciting, innovative and personal to the community preparing the children for the 21st Century. 

We have designed  'The Parkside Adventure' to be topic-based with both discreet and explicit links between subject areas. We believe children learn more from having relevant and real life experiences, so if we are studying winter and snow, we will bring it to the children. We believe children are motivated when they are enjoying the topics, where there is a purpose. The school has launch days, which sell the topic and provide opportunities to find out what the children know. We have projects where parents work with children in lessons and in the evening. This brings the learning to everyone. To finish the topics we have a fabulous finish which brings all the learning together and is a challenge that shows how much the children have learnt.


 'The Parkside Adventure'


The Parkside Adventure is based on one topic per term. Here are the topics for 2018-19.


Year Autumn Spring         Summer    
Little Bears and Super Shapes We are going to be Friends    
Rangers Wonderful Woodlands  Winter Wonderland! Once Upon a Time
Wonderful Ones Turrets and Tiaras African Adventure! Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
The Champions Turrets and Tiaras African Adventure! Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
The Go Jetters Turrets and Tiaras African Adventure! Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
The Incredibles and The Dream Team Chocoholics The Stone Age! Walk Like an Egyptian
The High Flying Fours Dig for Victory! There's no place like Rome! Ancient Greece!

The Famous Five

A History of Magic Out of this world! Home is where the Street is
The Survivors I'm a Survivor! I'm a Survivor! Showtime!



The school provides details of the termly topics and their content at the welcome meetings in early September. The class teacher also writes a letter to parents at the start of each term which are also uploaded onto the class pages.




In Literacy, the children are taught the outcomes of their year group using a class text which inspires their love of reading and writing. In Early Years and Key Stage One the children experience more than one class text in a term as the texts are shorter. In Key Stage Two, the children experience one text per term. This means that by having read the whole book, the children will have experienced on average three texts per year and twenty-one by the time they leave the school in Year Six. The class text forms the vehicle in which the teaching of grammar, punctuation, spelling as well as the features of narrative and non narrative writing  are taught and the end result can be seen in the children's I'm an Author books.


With reading, we use a system of book banding with a variety of books so children have the experience of a breadth of reading. In Early Years the children have a book banded book and another book where they can apply their phonic knowledge. They are also able to visit the school library and choose a book. The children are supported and can then change their book independently. In Key Stage One the children have a book banded book and can change their books when they need to independently. Our aim is to inspire the love of reading and so we offer a range of current free reading books some of which are book banded for children who are ready from Key Stage One onwards. All children are encouraged to read four times a week.

Each class has a list of recommended reading books and these can be found on the class pages of this website.

All children in Early Years, and Key Stage 1 follow a phonics programme, with the aim that all children by the end of Year one have a clear grounding in the use of phonics. Once secure the children follow the spelling rules from Year one onwards and spelling words linked to the curriculum across all year groups.

In Numeracy, we follow a specific curriculum that focusses on mental maths knowledge supporting clear understanding of areas in Numeracy. The school has a calculation policy which explains the four rules of number and is stage relevant so parents know what are the next steps for their child. The school plans based on the new curriculum and at the needs of where all pupils are.

The school believes in the importance of the arts and sport, alongside the core skills. In art, we study an artist per term and develop our artistic skills using sketchbooks. In music, we teach the children to learn an instrument in all year groups. This is a singing and performing school. We teach Modern Foreign Languages through the whole school from German in Years 1 and 2 to French in Key Stage 2. In sport we focus on games, dance and gymnastics bringing specialist coaches to work alongside the teachers. In ICT, we teach the new computing curriculum; all the documents are available for parents to view in the curriculum document section. We focus on delivering the computing curriculum ensuring our children can program and use a variety of devices.

Parental Involvement
Each term we give all parents and carers the opportunity to attend our school open evenings. This provides an opportunity for parents to visit the school to talk to the class teacher about progress, achievements and targets for the new term and have a look through their child’s work. In addition to this we also hold a ‘Meet the Class teacher Evening’ during the second week in September, this provides opportunities to meet with the new class teacher to discuss the curriculum and the expectations for the new academic year. We also provide a booklet in numeracy, writing and reading which provides you as parents with ideas on how to support your child's learning at home in these key areas.

Our curriculum is challenging and children are expected to make substantial progress through a personalised curriculum. Please do look on your child's class pages and see the work and learning achieved.