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Friday 12th Feb

Just some of the amazing poems from yesterday. Incredible work Rising Stars!!!

Online Safety focus


We  are in an age where children have technology at their fingertips and are often better at it than us as adults. This week is online safety week which is focussing on the reliability of the internet. Below we have attached a story which you can work through with your child. 


Activity 1

We have attached a link to a false website (made by us through google sites) Can your child shift through the information about sharks and decipher whether or not the information is reliable/true? 


How do they know that this is not true? - Can they do some research to prove this?

Talk about that not everything on the internet is to be believed. Look at some trusted sites such as wwf, national geographic etc - What do they include to make the site reliable? e.g padlock at the top of the page


Activity 2


We have attached a couple of profiles of different characters the children will be familiar with. One of them is an accurate representation of the character and the other has minor details changed. Can they figure out which character is the real one? 

Discuss that although they might look like someone we know ,it does not always mean that they are a friend to us. It is important for children to know that they don't talk to a 'friend' online without the permission of an adult  who has checked that the person is who they say they are first. 









This week we are focussing on the children’s social and emotional wellbeing and we will be hosting social interaction opportunities. We will be hosting a different ‘party’ for all the children to join each day.

Please join as many of the parties as you can we expect that it is not suitable for every family, however we expect to see you attend at least 3 as this is the focus of the afternoon.

The whole weeks afternoons are up so you can choose which works best.


Today it will be in the form of a Pop See Ko  Dance party.

You will need to bring yourself and anyone in your house who loves to dance.


This afternoons timings are:

1pm Register (everyone)

1.15 – 1.30 Blue Phonics Live Lesson

1.35 – 1.50 Green Phonics Live Lesson

1.55 – 2.10 Red Phonics Live Lesson

2.15 – 2.35 Pop See Ko Dance Party (via the link for registration)

3.00 End of the day