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Friday 22nd May

Today we have a choice of activities for you.


Activity one- A sound walk

Go for a walk around your area and pay attention to the types of sounds you hear. Help your child to hear them too and label the sounds as the appear, birds, cars bike, aeroplane, bus, children. You could even do this in your garden by giving your children a stick and letting them tap different surfaces to make different sounds. See what they notice about types of sounds.


Activity two- Initial sounds

Initial sounds are the first sounds we hear in  a word. Its important to refer to them in different ways to help your child understand that they all mean the same thing.

What is the first sound

What did you hear at the start

What did you hear at the beginning

What is at the beginning of...

What does ? start with


Using these questions have a look at the PowerPoint below and see if your child can match some or all or the initial sounds. You do not need to use a computer or phone for this, you could easily make up your own version. You could make it different and more active by asking your child to find something  around the home that begins with????? Next week we will have a look at end sounds.

In case you haven't used a slide show before- once you have opened it follow these steps:

Along the top of the page  click 'slideshow'


Then click ' from beginning'