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Friday 3rd April

Friday 3rd April


Dear Wise One's,


I can't believe it has been two weeks since we were together.  I must say I miss learning together in the classroom, I miss all of your smiling faces and I miss your laughter on the playground. I know it is important to be apart at the moment but hopefully before long the 'Wise One's' will be back together following our school motto 'Care to Learn and Learn to Care'.


Wow! I was overwhelmed with the number of flags I received from our class; thank you so much. I have also received some images of all the learning you have been completing this week which has made me very proud indeed. Please remember to email me once a week and I will make sure I reply to each and everyone of you. Please let me know if you are happy for the images to go on our class page. yes


This year our Easter holiday will be different than we are used to so I have a special request;  I need you to have a rest from schoolwork so I will not be setting daily learning challenges over the next two weeks but I will upload your weekly spellings and there will also be some fun Easter  challenges for you to have a go at if you wish ( click on the Chick on the Home Learning page).  On this page you will notice a video link to 'Lucy's Blue Day', why not watch it with your family when you get chance? You can tell them that the author came to school. You may have been experiencing some of the feelings like Lucy in story, I know I have. Remember that's okay but you must talk to adults when you are worried or sad.


I hope you have been remembering to  read every day; have you found a good author to recommend yet? I am going to link some good websites that have online reading books for you. Let me know if they are useful. smiley


Finally remember to be kind, listen and help like a true 'Wise One' . Take care and I will be in touch very soon.


Sending love and best wishes to each and every family 


Mrs Dawson and Mrs Johnson