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Friday 5th March


Today we have got some pictures of real pirates. Can you have a talk together about which of these pirates could have stolen our treasure. 

Can you write down which pirate you think (of these) it could be. We have the clues on our posters from yesterday or the ideas we wrote on Wednesday that can help you think of your reason why. 


We would like one sentence with an explanation as to which of these you think it could be and why.

For Example:

I think it is Black Beard beecoz (because) the pIrat had long black hair.


It might be Anne Bonney with a wig on to confyouz (confuse) us.



Warm up 


Can you have a look at the patterns below and compare them? What is the same about them and what is different about them?



Can you create a pattern using exercises? E.g jump, jump, run, jump, jump, run.


Can you create your own repeated pattern using household objects? Can you create an ABBABBABB pattern? Can you create an AABAABAAB pattern? Can you create a pattern of your choice? 





Draw a frame as shown below. Collect 3 different coloured pens/pencils. Or you could use different coloured small lego bricks/something similar. 


Place the objects within the frame using the pattern reference below.

E.g - AB is red, yellow, red, yellow. 

ABC- red, yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue

ABB- red, yellow, yellow, red, yellow, yellow

AAB- red, red, yellow, red, red, yellow

AABB- red, red, yellow, yellow, red, red, yellow, yellow

AABBC- red, red, yellow, yellow, blue, red, red, yellow, yellow, blue


Phonics -Please see your child's google classroom for their phonics activity. 


Yesterday we made a map from our homes to school. Today we will make it look like a pirate treasure map. 

1. With a red pen (or paint) make a cross over school - because X marks the spot. 

2. Follow along to one of these links to make your paper old.