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Fantastic Phonics Fridays

On this page you will find some of the phonics games that we play in Nursery. In case you did not know, phonics is the word we use to talk about the sounds letters make e.g the name is a but the sound is 'a' like at the start of apple, b  is the name, but the sound is 'b' like at the start of bat.


Bingo (version one)

See below some bingo sheets- the first one is the what we give to the children, the second is one a child has completed. The children choose to write their own letter sounds based on what they know from Nursery sessions, or additional letters they recall from home.

  • All players need a blank bingo sheet to write their letters on
  • Mum, dad or big brother/ sister can be the bingo caller
  • The caller says out loud a phonic sound 
  • The players have to think about if they have that  sound- if they do they give it a little tick
  • The winner is the first person to tick all their letters

 Mums and dads- this game will help you see which letters your child is not sure of and it will also build their confidence- they also love it if you get some wrong and they have to help you- you could even play it with a few teddy bears who could also get it wrong. This will boost your child's enthusiasm enormously- letters we have covered so far a S A T I M O P 

Please encourage your child to write in lower case not (example) CAPITALS smiley