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Parkside Primary School, Parkside - Welcome to our school website! Please take the time to explore the site. Should you require a paper copy of any of the information, please contact the school and a copy will be provided free of charge. The office hours are from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. The School day is 8:55am -3:25pm (32.5 hrs. education per week).


Governing Board Vacancies - There are currently no Governor vacancies at this time

Welcome to the Governors' section! We, the School Governors are responsible for ensuring that the school is improving and hold the Headteacher accountable for decisions. We are accountable for the running of the school and take this very seriously. We demand that Parkside is at least a good standard but is working at outstanding. The vision of the Governors is for the school to offer an outstanding education to all of its pupils. The School Governors have the skills set to achieve this vision.
School Governors commit to giving time and energy to the role. Each Governor contributes to the work of the Governing body and shares the load. Not only do governors attend regular meetings, read papers, speak to staff, parents (through Parent surveys and parent evening drop-ins) and children (through Together Everyone Decides (T.E.D)) and see the school in learning walks. Each of the learning walks links to the areas we feel that the school has highlighted in the school improvement plan to achieve our core vision. We also undertake professional training and keep up to date with relevant information to help guide the school strategically which enables us to focus on the key areas that will impact the school.


As school governing body, we work closely with its Senior Leadership Team with a view to promoting high standards of education and more importantly each child to have a love of learning. We fulfil our objectives by establishing the strategic framework by:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Operate in such a way that statutory details are met and priorities are approved
  • Provide challenge to the Headteacher to account for improving the quality of teaching, educational performance and pupils' behaviour and safety
  • Support and strengthen school leadership
  • Contribute to the school's self-evaluation and understanding its strengths and weaknesses
  • Engage with key stakeholders
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure it’s money well spent
  • Use pupil premium and other resources to overcome barriers to learning, including reading, writing and numeracy


Our Governing body has a mix of new and experienced members representing different views. There are 11 Governors who attend a minimum of two meetings per term covering matters on Standards and Finance Staffing and Premises. 


The Chair of Governors is Miss Rachel Nixon - Elected 26/11/2021 - One Year Term

  • Stone Rd, Stafford

The Vice Chair of Governors is Robert Munday-Crates - Elected 04/11/2021 - One Year Term
Designated Governor for Safeguarding and performance management is Rachel Nixon


Our Parent Governors are:

Mrs Jade Pearce (4 Year Term of Office) ends 26.01.2025

Mr Jon Pearce (4 Year Term of Office) ends 26.01.2025- Stepped down 

Keira Morton (4 Year Term of Office) ends 15/09/2026

Mrs Zoe Paddison (4 year Term of Office) ends 14/06/2027

Our Community Governor is:
Bryan Cross (4 year term of office) ends 27/06/2023- Term Ended 
Our Staff Governor is:

Pam Barton (4 Year Term of Office) 23/06/2026

George Bennett (4 year term of office) ends 06/06/2022 - Term Ended
Our Co-opted Governors are:
Mrs. Joanne Di Castiglione - Co-opted Governor (4 Year term in office) ends 10/02/2020
Robin McMahon (4 year term of office) ends 28/11/2023- Term Ended 

Rachel Nixon (4 year term of office) ends 26/11/2025
Laura Austen (4 year term of office)  ends 30/09/2021 - Term Ended - Stepped Down

Robert Munday-Crates (4 year term of office) ends 04/11/2025

Associate Governor

Emily Bolton (4 year term of office) ends 06/06/2022 - No Voting Rights - Term Ended

Our Headteacher Governor is:
Mrs Bell - Head of School (whilst in post)

Governor Skills


It is vital that we have a wealth of skills and experience within the Governing Body and therefore recruit members on these skill sets and delegate responsibility accordingly.  The training undertaken from members of the governing body is as follows;


Our skill sets are as follows;

Joanne Di Castigloione – Educationalist, Head Teacher, SEND specialist, Safeguarding trained, Early Years knowledge, Schools HR

Rachel Nixon - IT project manager, Safeguarding trained, Safer Recruitment Trained, ASP Trained

Robert Munday-Crates - Health & Safety, Safeguarding trained

Mrs Jade Pearce - Assistant Head Teacher at a local High School, Evidence Lead in Education, Degree in Business and Economics.



Our Clerk to Governors has attended and passed the National Clerks Development Programme.


Our aim is that everyone within Parkside community, including Governors, Head Teacher, staff, parents and pupils work together to ensure that the school follows the motto of Care to Learn and Learn to Care and becomes an outstanding school.


We send out questionnaires annually to ensure that we are aware of all of your views as parents. These views are then part of the School Improvement Plan.  If you have any questions or comments regarding the work of the Governing body please contact the school office where you will be provided with contact details for our Chair and or Vice Chair. If you would like to email the Governors, write to We would appreciate and welcome your feedback about the school. If you are not happy about anything, then the school complaints procedure is on the policies part of the website.