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Home Learning

Picture 1 Another outstanding bug hotel! I would have too many to choose from if I were a bug.
Picture 2 The Warriors are definitely all going to be journalists, I love the heading of Ethan’s Parkside Press article and I agree with his last paragraph with me taking up a new hobby!
Picture 3 I love how Ethan has sorted the questions for his science work. Keep up the good work!
Picture 1 Look at Leo's fraction work!
Picture 2 I love to see the key vocabulary of unit and non-unit fractions. Keep sending me your home learning!
Picture 1 Geraldine has been doing some research into eggs, reading for today’s literacy task. She was very ill after eating too many cream eggs!
Picture 2 Look at this fantastic bug hotel! I know where I would live if I were a bug!
Picture 3 Thank you so much Isla for your emails and pictures, I love hearing all about what you are learning.
Picture 1 Another fantastic home learning piece of writing about a Roman soldier and his daily life. I think we can follow his advice of ‘good sleep, protein food and we will be victorious’ in our home learning!
Picture 2 We can now all become gladiators thanks to Zack and outstanding piece of work. Keep it up!
Picture 3 I think the Warriors are all going to be journalists after this piece of work. I am so proud of everyone who has sent in work so far. I am love reading it and hearing all that you have been doing during home learning.

Geraldine the Giraffe's Home Learning

Geraldine the Giraffe's Home Learning  1 I will be uploading a picture of Geraldine each day to show you what home learning she has been up to and to hopefully make you smile. I have loved seeing lots of your home learning pictures, so keep up the amazing work!!! Today Geraldine came with Miss Boulton and Mrs Hier-Dalley to school and she helped to create the Parkside Primary School rainbow to thank the NHS workers and to keep everyone smiling.
Picture 1 Thank you all for the amazing work you have been sending in! I have loved reading your Octopus poems; you have made me giggle so much. Remember keep sending me your work for feedback or to show me how much fun you are having with your tasks. I loved doing the ‘How does soap work?’ experiment and here is Elliott’s outstanding experiment images! Keep up the good work
Picture 2 Geraldine has been having fun interviewing everyone in Miss Boulton’s house. She hopes you have posed lots of questions to everyone in your homes to get the best possible article for the Parkside Press!
Picture 1 A terrific map of Rosie’s garden, hopefully the sun will come back soon so she can have lots of fun playing in it! Keep sending me your pictures of your work or what you are up to!
Picture 2 This got my brain working today, what do you think it is? Thank you Rosie.
Picture 3 A fantastic octopus poem in the sink, fingers crossed he can do all the dishes!
Picture 4 Look at this suspension bridge! I love all the images and work that you have sent me, keep it up!

Geraldine the Giraffe's Home Learning

Geraldine the Giraffe's Home Learning 1 Geraldine has got me up early this morning to start her maths home learning, she is counting coloured cars for her pictogram today! Send me lots of pictures of your home learning, I love seeing all of the extraordinary work.
Geraldine the Giraffe's Home Learning 2 Some terrific images of the maths challenge today, here is Isla’s with her flower of the garden and look at the key. Astonishing work!!!
Picture 1 Today Geraldine is taking the inverted comma work a step further by thinking what she could say to the fish and what they would say back.
Picture 2 Another stunning piece of work by Mason, going above and beyond with this Ancient Rome Timeline. I love to see you enjoying the Roman curriculum.
Picture 3 Look at these Pictograms! Wow alot of birds.
Picture 4 Fantastic work and I love the key! Keep up the good work!

'Home Learning' example timetable