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Parkside Primary School, Parkside - Welcome to our school website! Please take the time to explore the website. Should you require a paper copy of any of the information on the website, please contact the school and a copy will be provided free of charge. The office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please do not call into the office if you are displaying any Covid-19 related symptoms. If your child tests positive for Covid-19 in the days immediately following the end of term, please email us at: with the following details and call 07927643262


Thursday 10th December 


Today, we  will be looking at the language of instructions. E.g First, then, next, Lastly.  We would like you to practise using this language by following these instructions. 


First jump five times, 

Then turn around, 

after that touch your toes, 

lastly roll over twice.


Can you make up your own instructions?

Thursday 3rd December

Thursday 26th November

We have set each of you an assignment on reading eggs. We hope you enjoy completing your tasks, each of the tasks are based on your phonics knowledge and should be independently completled, if they are too tricky/easy please email Mrs Jones. We will be giving raffle tickets to those who try their best. Good luck 

Thursday 19th November


For this week's homework, we would like to go on a shape hunt to find circles and triangles as we will begin to focus on these shapes at school. How many circles and triangles can you find in your house and outside? What differences do you notice between a circle and a triangle? How many sides/corners do they have? Are the sides straight/curved?

Can you draw a shape monster using only triangles and circles?

Thursday 12th November


For this week's homework, we would like you to create a poppy in any medium that you like.  We will have been learning about remembrance day at school and would like you to talk about the importance of remembrance day and why we celebrate it whilst your child is creating their poppies.Ask them to share with you the knowledge that they have learnt at school. 


Here are some ideas for your poppies and educational videos.

Thursday 5th October 

This week for homework we would like you to explore 'senses'. We have been learning how we use different senses when one of them doesn't work. 

At home we would like you to play a "blind fold" game where you take away the sense of vision. Ideas include:

- food tasting (what do they think it tastes like)

- sound making (can they follow the sound or tell you what the sound is)

-have an array of different textured objects, remove one (what is missing through touch)

These are just some ideas. We cannot wait to see what you play with your vision taken away. Please remember to upload the homework to learning book so we can share it in class. 

Thursday 22nd October 


Your half term homework is to do some research about Owls in Preparation for our next unit. Please allow your children to handle the mouse and navigate around the computer under supervision as this is part of our ICT development. Please record your research however you like this might be a poster, drawing or photographs of your child researching. Please upload any work onto learning book. 


Please find below some useful websites to get you started. 

Thursday 15th October


In the front of your child's reading diary is a login to Reading Eggs. Please login with your child and complete the preliminary reading test which will set your child based on their reading ability. The system will then pitch reading materials and games suitable for your child. 


Once you have logged in please select reading eggs not reading eggspress as this is for older children.


Please follow the link below;


Thursday 8th October 


We would like you to share your favourite story with an adult and practise retelling it. Remember to use vocabulary such as 'once upon a time', 'suddenly', 'they lived happily ever after, four leaf clover my story is over'.


I have attached a video clip of some children re-enacting their favourite story. 

Please upload any photos onto learning book.