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Parkside Primary School, Parkside - Welcome to our school website! Please take the time to explore the website. Should you require a paper copy of any of the information on the website, please contact the school and a copy will be provided free of charge. The office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please do not call into the office if you are displaying any Covid-19 related symptoms.if your child tests positive for Covid-19 in the days immediately following the end of term, please email us at: with the following details and call 07927643262

Latest News

W/c 11th November 

This morning after assembly, the Dream Seekers were walking back into class when they spotted a nest! Inside it was a spotty egg. We as a class were trying to guess what was inside the egg. We had some fantastic guesses like a snake, an owl and a bird. We even call a Vet to see if they knew! They told us to keep it warm and stay quiet around it.  Later we discussed who might have left it and debated whether we should keep it! After a while we decided that we should create a found poster to find the little egg's mother. We shall have to wait and  see if  anyone comes forward. We are very excited to solve this mystery and find out what is in the egg and who it belongs to!

W/c 7th October

This week The Dream Seekers began their retells to try and complete the Fox's challenge. The children used their phonics knowledge to help them sound out words and phrases to help them write their stories. The Dream Seekers used their best handwriting to impress the Fox and so far they look fantastic! We will be finishing off our writing next week. I wonder what will happen once we've sent them to the Fox? 

W/c 30th September

This week the Dream Seekers became detectives because when they came back from assembly they were astounded to find that the classroom had been completely trashed! Who could have done this? The Dream Seekers discussed who they thought could have made the footprints/mess? Was it the Gruffalo? We then walked over to the main building in search of clues. Our fantastic detectives discovered, some snake skin, purple prickles, fox fur, feathers, some whiskers and even some claw marks! However,  we still were not any closer to discovering our mess maker. Until suddenly, we discovered a letter, apologising for ruining our classroom whilst on their way to ask us a question. The creature behind all of this was none other than fox! He had only wanted to ask us if we would write a retell of the story about the Gruffalo and his friends. We can't wait to show the Gruffalo our work!