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Learning from Home

Wednesday 27th January

Today we would like you to read the information about world rivers and then add them to the world map image, you can either print this off or write the river and the country you can find it in on paper. 


We are focusing on LOCATION of rivers! 

Tuesday 26th January

Plot Mountain! | The Plot Diagram Song | Scratch Garden

The Plot Diagram song will help you increase your storytelling power and learn the elements of plot. A 'plot mountain' diagram is often used when learning st...

We would like you to work out using your knowledge which Egyptian God is in each image!

Today we are going to look into more detail on the Ancient Egyptian Gods! Read through the PowerPoint and watch the video.


Have a listen to the song. How many Egyptian Gods' names can you hear? Write as many down as you can. You might need to listen more than once.

Today we would like you to read about the Egyptian Gods and create a poster showing off all of their key features.


Then design your own God!

Today we would like you to watch the PowerPoint and then create a hierarchy of Ancient Egypt.

Add as much detail as you can!


Watch the clip and complete the task about Egyptian afterlife.



Design an advert for the exhibition of everything that was found in the tomb. 

Watch the following clip about how people lived in Ancient Egypt and complete the task. Draw a plan of an Egyptian house. Label each room, write about which activity and objects you would find there. Compare with pictures of a modern house. Which one would you prefer to live in and why?

For History this afternoon, I would like you to use your research surrounding King Tut to create a fact poster all about him. Use writing, colour, pictures, present your work however you like! As long as it has lots of facts and information about The Boy King!

For our History learning, we are going to research into one of the most famous Pharaohs, Tutankhamun.

We would like you to find out more about this young king.

What did he do to change Egypt?

Why was he so famous?


As it is Friday, we will be completing our spelling quiz today too. You need to have a try at all your spellings (Without looking) in any random order. Remember to give yourself a score out of 5 or 8.

Billy and the Minpins chapters 1 - 5