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Learning Journey with photographs

Fabulous Finish - Shugborough

On Friday 18th March, Year Five went to Shugborough to celebrate the end of our Victorian topic. We went into the Victorian school room and the children completed arithmetic, handwriting and singing activities. They also visited the kitchen where they made biscuits and also experienced what it would have been like cleaning a kitchen during the Victorian times. They also had a guided tour of the museum where their knowledge shone through. They were outstanding in every way and were a credit to the school. Well done Year Five and thank you to all the staff and volunteers who came with us today. Please see the photographs below.

Fabulous Finish - Shugborough

Parent Project - Thursday 3rd March

Year Five then spent the afternoon creating their Victorian wallpaper designs in the style of William Morris. They were very creative in their approach and used the water colours and the different templates to create theirs. Well done Year Five, your designs look brilliant. Thank you to the parents and grandparents that came and supported Year Five and thank you to Mr Wild and to Miss Cooper for your support this afternoon. Please look at the photographs below.

William Morris Inspired Wallpaper Designs

World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March

Year Five looked brilliant this morning in their World Book Day costumes. After the special assembly, they went to both Nursery and Reception to read the stories that they had created based on the two favourite authors from both classes. Some children created books that were similar to , 'We are going on a Bear Hunt' whilst others were inspired by 'The Gruffalo.' The children then read their stories in twos and threes to the children. The children were very animated and read their stories confidently. Well done, myself and Mr Wild are very proud of you. Please take a look at the photographs below.

World Book Day

Creating a Victorian Board Game - Monday 22nd February

Year Five had their Design and Technology morning where they created Victorian board games following the designs that they had already made. They were very careful in following their designs and worked well when creating them. They worked independently and also helped others when the need arose. Myself and Mr Wild were very impressed with all the board games created. Please take a look at the photographs below.

Friday 11th February

Year Five have had an amazing half term with everything that they have achieved. I am particularly proud of their writing and Numeracy work this week as well as their music compositions based on the Victorian music hall song, Camptown Races.

On Monday 22nd February we shall be having a Design and Technology morning. The children shall be creating a Victorian board game. They have already designed them in class and will be making and evaluating them during that morning. They have already shown how creative they are and myself and Mr Wild are looking forward to playing with their games that they create!

On behalf of myself and Mr Wild, have a fantastic half term holiday.

Class of the Week - 22nd January

Well done! Year Five are class of the week for experiencing what it was like when going down the mine yesterday. Myself and Mr Wild are very proud of you!

Trip to Apedale - Thursday 21st January

As part of our Victorian Child topic, Year Five went to Apedale Heritage Centre to experience what it would have been like to work in a mine. In small groups, the children were given a mine tour wearing the appropriate protective equipment and then were given a piece of coal as a souvenir. The children asked lots of inquisitive questions and listened extremely well.

The children also had the opportunity to visit the museum which has lots of information about mining especially during the Victorian times. The children were fascinated to see what an old mining house would have looked like. They saw the rag pile and quickly made the link with our class text, Street Child.

After lunch the children went on a scenic walk of Apedale park and again asked lots of inquisitive questions. despite feeling cold by that point! Well done Year Five! You were brilliant, very well behaved and very well mannered. Thank you to Mr Wild, Mrs Keeling and Mrs Purdell who also came and for your support.

Please see the photographs below. [Owing to health and safety reasons we were not able to take pictures when we were down the mine.]

Apedale Photographs

Victorian Launch Afternoon - 7th January

This afternoon Year Five had our launch afternoon based on our topic, A Victorian Child. They experienced what it would have been like if they had been to school during the Victorian times. They sat in rows and completed three activities which were dictation, arithmetic and drills. The children addressed me as M'am and Mr Wild as Sir. We had a visit from Mr Compton who came in and pretended to be a Victorian headmaster. The children also had to pay a penny to be educated this afternoon!

Year Five were brilliant and all participated in the activities set in a Victorian manner. Well done! Please see the photographs below.

Victorian Launch Afternoon

Welcome Back - January 2016
I hope that you have had a Happy Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year! The Autumn term was a great success and the children rose to the different learning opportunities.
I have attached the Spring Curriculum letter in the Curriculum Information section so that you can see what the children will be learning about. I am particular excited about our new topic called 'A Victorian Child.' Please read about the topic launch  where we will be recreating a Victorian classroom for the afternoon.
Once again, I am looking forward to working with you again and I thank you for your continued support with your child's learning.