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Learning Journey with Photographs

Friday 16th December

Year Five have had a great few days before the end of term and have finished everything! Well done Year Five! They have worked hard all term and had some amazing experiences such as building Anglo-Saxon houses, battling with Year Six and of course their residential trip to Standon Bowers. I am proud of what they have achieved.

Thank you for your continued support during this term.

On behalf of myself and Mr Wild, Have a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday 13th December

Today Year Five had their Fabulous Finish! They had their battle with the Vikings who were actually Year Six. Both classes met on the field with their swords and shields and then battled against each other. Year Five enjoyed this and even though it started raining, they continued until unfortunately the Vikings won. Thank you to all the children in Year Five who acted in role brilliantly. Please see the photographs below.

Fabulous Finish - The Battle

Fabulous Finish - The Battle 1
Fabulous Finish - The Battle 2
Fabulous Finish - The Battle 3
Fabulous Finish - The Battle 4
Fabulous Finish - The Battle 5
Fabulous Finish - The Battle 6
Fabulous Finish - The Battle 7
Fabulous Finish - The Battle 8

Friday 9th December

This week the children have created a narrative recount based on the life of Aron Ralston. They wrote with brilliant description and creativity and the story really captured them. I am impressed with every child's writing. Well done Year Five! They have also created their swords and shields ready for their battle against the Vikings next Tuesday. An amazing week!

Friday 2nd December

Year Five have had another fantastic week. They have been practising hard for their enterprise project at the Christmas fayre and are ready! They have also been working hard with two Science experiments relating to their topic of materials. They worked in their Science teams and had to work out which materials would dissolve and how they could separate different materials too! Well done Year Five!

The Three Tableaus ready for the Christmas Fayre

The Three Tableaus ready for the Christmas Fayre 1
The Three Tableaus ready for the Christmas Fayre 2
The Three Tableaus ready for the Christmas Fayre 3

Friday 25th November

Year Five have had another brilliant week. They have written a summary based on the story of Beowulf and then had a fantastic parent project where they created dragons based on this story. On behalf of myself and Mr Wild, thank you to all the parents who came and supported their children with creating the dragons. Please see the photographs below.

Parent Project Photographs

Parent Project Photographs 1
Parent Project Photographs 2
Parent Project Photographs 3
Parent Project Photographs 4
Parent Project Photographs 5
Parent Project Photographs 6
Parent Project Photographs 7
Parent Project Photographs 8
Parent Project Photographs 9
Parent Project Photographs 10
Parent Project Photographs 11
Parent Project Photographs 12
Parent Project Photographs 13
Parent Project Photographs 14
Parent Project Photographs 15
Parent Project Photographs 16
Parent Project Photographs 17
Parent Project Photographs 18
Parent Project Photographs 19
Parent Project Photographs 20
Parent Project Photographs 21
Parent Project Photographs 22
Parent Project Photographs 23
Parent Project Photographs 24

Friday 18th November

Year Five have had an excellent week. They have continued with their work on persuasion and have written persuasive letters to Mr Compton explaining why Standon Bowers was an amazing experience. They have also been working hard on their division skills in Numeracy. The children have brought home today their dragon designs for next Thursday's parent project. They will explain their design to you so that you have an idea of what they are going to produce. All of the children are very excited!


Friday 11th November 2016

Year Five have had another great week. They have been working hard on their multiplication skills in Numeracy and they have been learning how to use commas based on the Year Five outcomes in Literacy. The children have also been learning about what persuasion is.

Year Five have also become the Class of the Week because of their time spent away at Standon Bowers. Well done Year Five!

Friday 4th November 2016

Year Five have had an amazing residential trip away at Standon Bowers for three days. When they first arrived they made their beds very independently and settled in. They were already in three teams called The Unbeatables, The Born Survivors and The Survivors and they were given points during the week for the different activities that they did as well as team work and resilience. All children showed the skills of team work, resilience and independence during the three days and attempted all the different activities to the best of their abilities. The activities that they did included bmxing, power fan, crates, caving, bridges, a local walk, orienteering, flying eggs and creating a rap or song about their experiences whilst there. On behalf of myself, Mr Wild and Mrs Fullergario, well done to all of Year Five! You were fantastic role models for our school. Please look at the photographs of our time at Standon Bowers.

Standon Bowers Photographs

Standon Bowers Photographs 1
Standon Bowers Photographs 2
Standon Bowers Photographs 3
Standon Bowers Photographs 4
Standon Bowers Photographs 5
Standon Bowers Photographs 6
Standon Bowers Photographs 7
Standon Bowers Photographs 8
Standon Bowers Photographs 9
Standon Bowers Photographs 10
Standon Bowers Photographs 11
Standon Bowers Photographs 12
Standon Bowers Photographs 13
Standon Bowers Photographs 14
Standon Bowers Photographs 15
Standon Bowers Photographs 16
Standon Bowers Photographs 17
Standon Bowers Photographs 18
Standon Bowers Photographs 19
Standon Bowers Photographs 20
Standon Bowers Photographs 21
Standon Bowers Photographs 22
Standon Bowers Photographs 23
Standon Bowers Photographs 24
Standon Bowers Photographs 25
Standon Bowers Photographs 26
Standon Bowers Photographs 27
Standon Bowers Photographs 28
Standon Bowers Photographs 29
Standon Bowers Photographs 30
Standon Bowers Photographs 31
Standon Bowers Photographs 32
Standon Bowers Photographs 33
Standon Bowers Photographs 34
Standon Bowers Photographs 35
Standon Bowers Photographs 36
Standon Bowers Photographs 37
Standon Bowers Photographs 38
Standon Bowers Photographs 39
Standon Bowers Photographs 40
Standon Bowers Photographs 41
Standon Bowers Photographs 42
Standon Bowers Photographs 43
Standon Bowers Photographs 44

Friday 21st October 2016

This week Year Five have been using their addition, subtraction and rounding skills to try and keep within a budget of £800.00 pounds. They were determined to do this and the closest pair were only 10p off! Well done Year Five!

Thank you to all the parents that came to the parents evenings on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. The children were able to explain what their targets are and what they are working towards.

With Standon Bowers in the first week back, please ensure that your child is ready and has been practising putting their duvet into a cover and their pillow into a pillow case. Also please support with the packing of the bag that they will take with them. The children are very excited as are myself and Mr Wild!

Have a happy half term holiday!

Friday 14th October 2016

Year Five have written their second narrative piece of writing based on our topic of the Anglo Saxons. The children had to imagine that they were watching the Anglo Saxons as they arrived and then what would happen next. For this lots of discussion took place about what the Anglo Saxons would have looked like as well as how and what they would have fought with. We also looked at where the Anglo Saxons landed so that the children used their atlas skills. The children wrote some amazing narrative pieces showing what they had learnt during the week. Well done Year five!

Friday 7th October 2016

Year Five have had another great week. We started our Science topic this week which is all about materials. The children very independently sorted themselves into six groups and gave themselves scientific names. They completed their first experiment very well too. I am also very impressed with their Numeracy this week as they have been using their rounding skills to find an approximate answer before showing their addition skills and the actual answer. Well done Year Five!

Just a reminder that the Standon Bowers meeting is after school on Monday 10th October from 3.30 till 4.00 in the Year Five classroom.

Year Five will also be gardening next Thursday 13th October. A letter went home this week and it is also in the class letters section.

Friday 30th September 2016

Year Five have had another brilliant week. They have written their first story based on our class text, Wolf Brother. Their stories are called Torak's Journey and the children wrote well and with determination showing fantastic description. They are working hard on their handwriting as well as including any new grammar outcomes. Well done Year Five. I have enjoyed reading them!

Friday 23rd September 2016

Year Five have had another brilliant week. They have been very creative this week. They have learnt the skill of single and cross hatching in art and have transferred these skills when creating their interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh's work called Thatched Roofs. Their art work is very impressive. Well done Year Five!

Friday 16th September 2016

Well done Year Five! We are class of the week for creating our amazing Anglo-Saxon settlement! What a brilliant end to our second week together!smiley

Thursday 15th September 2016

Year Five have had a fantastic launch day. First they got themselves into four teams and chose four team leaders. Then they went onto the school field and started to create their Anglo Saxon houses. They worked on creating the thatched roof and tried to make theirs as cosy and waterproof as they could. They then worked with the support of Mr Sutton and Mr Knapper to create a fire pit which became the centre of the Anglo Saxon settlement. Every child worked brilliantly and the settlement looks very authentic. Please have a look on the school field and at the photographs. On behalf of myself and Mr Wild, thank you to Mr Sutton for providing the shelters and his expertise and thank you for Mr Knapper for assisting. Also thank you to the parents for your continued support.

Anglo Saxon launch day

Anglo Saxon launch day 1
Anglo Saxon launch day 2
Anglo Saxon launch day 3
Anglo Saxon launch day 4
Anglo Saxon launch day 5
Anglo Saxon launch day 6
Anglo Saxon launch day 7
Anglo Saxon launch day 8
Anglo Saxon launch day 9
Anglo Saxon launch day 10
Anglo Saxon launch day 11
Anglo Saxon launch day 12
Anglo Saxon launch day 13
Anglo Saxon launch day 14
Anglo Saxon launch day 15
Anglo Saxon launch day 16
Anglo Saxon launch day 17
Anglo Saxon launch day 18
Anglo Saxon launch day 19
Anglo Saxon launch day 20
Anglo Saxon launch day 21
Anglo Saxon launch day 22
Anglo Saxon launch day 23
Anglo Saxon launch day 24
Anglo Saxon launch day 25
Anglo Saxon launch day 26
Anglo Saxon launch day 27
Anglo Saxon launch day 28
Anglo Saxon launch day 29
Anglo Saxon launch day 30
Anglo Saxon launch day 31
Anglo Saxon launch day 32

Friday 9th September 2016

Year Five have had a fantastic three days. Well done with settling in so well and with independently filling in your reading diaries on a daily basis. We are looking forward to the launch of our topic  based on the Anglo-Saxons on Thursday 15th September. Please see the letter about this in the letter section.