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Learning Journey with Photographs

Tuesday 4th April

Year Five have had a fantastic Fabulous Finish today for their Victorian topic. They have organised and run a Victorian fayre and shown this to all the other classes in the school. They also made chocolate apples dipped in hundreds and thousands which they all enjoyed. Well done Year Five! It has been an amazing finish to our topic. Please see the photographs below.

Friday 31st March

Year Five have had another fantastic week! We are class of the week for our work in Numeracy based on angles. Well done Year Five! We have also written our final extended writing piece based on our class text Street Child. The stories are imaginative and show a range of emotions. I enjoyed reading them all. Well done!

Friday 24th March

Year Five have had a fantastic week. In Numeracy they have been estimating capacity and volume. They made cubes and cuboids and estimated the volume of each 3D shape. In Science they have been finding out about a planet of their choice. I was impressed with how each child was able to explain why they had chosen a specific planet and by the end of the lesson, they were able to tell me facts that they had learnt as well. Well done Year Five!

Friday 17th March

On Wednesday and as part of Science week, the children designed and then made a parachute which they thought would travel to the ground the slowest. They first watched Tim Peake's descent back to Earth in the capsule with a parachute to get some ideas. The children worked in small groups  to do this activity and then tested out to see which parachute travelled to the ground the slowest. They worked extremely well in their groups and used the correct Scientific vocabulary when explaining about their parachute to the class. Please see the photographs below.

Year Five are also class of the week because of their art work, writing based on their Punch and Judy shows and their spelling results. Well done Year Five!

Wednesday 8th March

Year Five have spent two days creating a Punch and Judy show with a moving part. They created a frame first and used a cam to make part of it move. They then chose their three favourite characters including Punch and Judy and designed their background. After this, they finished their front cover and made it look bright and colourful. The children used a hand drill in this process and a hacksaw with support. I have been very impressed with their perseverance, their enthusiasm and their helpfulness towards each other. Well done Year Five. I would also like to thank all the parents and grandparents who came in today and were shown how the Punch and Judy show had been made. Thank you also to Mr Hindhough who came into school to give the children the experience. Please see the photographs below.

Friday 3rd March

Year Five have had another brilliant week. They have worked hard on their brackets, dashes and commas in their writing about Rosie who is a character from our text Street Child. They also have had a fantastic World Book Day. Thank you for your support with this. Please see the photographs of their part in the World Book Day assembly. They created puppets based on their favourite book, The World's Worst Children and told the other classes information about each character. Well done Year Five!

Friday 17th February

Year Five have had another good week. They have decided the lessons based on our topic this week and have been learning about Victorian toys. They have voted which is their favourite Victorian toy and have designed their own convincing me why I should buy their toy! Their hard work, determination and enthusiasm in Numeracy has been brilliant in relation to fractions, decimals and percentages. Well done Year Five. Have a brilliant half term!

Friday 9th February

Year Five have had another brilliant week. They have worked hard with converting fractions to decimals and have also completed another extended write. They have written as Jim from our text, Street Child, about his experiences in the workhouse. I am very impressed with all their stories. Year Five have ended the week with bikeability. They have all improved with their cycling ability. Please see the photographs below.

Friday 3rd February

Year Five have had a brilliant trip today to Apedale Heritage Centre. They were very enthusiastic and asked lots of questions. They also answered many too! Their behaviour was excellent and they really enjoyed experiencing a working mine, a museum and a walk in Apedale Country Park. Well done Year Five. We were not allowed to take pictures down the mine but we did take some at the top. Please see the photographs below.

Friday 30th January

Year Five have had another brilliant week. They have been learning about Tim Peake and have created colourful posters about all his achievements. They have also created play scripts explaining why the Earth is a sphere. They have included humour as well as Scientific knowledge in this. They are a pleasure to read. Well done Year Five!

Friday 20th January 2017

Year Five have become really engrossed in our class text Street Child this week. They have planned and then written from one of the character's perspectives or as an object in the room. I am really impressed with their writing and we are class of the week as a result of this. Well done Year Five!

Friday 13th January 2017

The children have had a brilliant week. Apart from their launch afternoon, the children also showed us what they already knew about the Earth and Space. We were very impressed. They have also been learning about fractions and in particular, they can change mixed numbers to improper fractions and back again. The children have also been reading our class text, Street Child. They have written a description of the landlord who is called Mr Spink and then on Friday, they acted out the scene from the book in small groups. Again, we were very impressed. Well done Year Five!


Tuesday 10th January 2017

Today, we had our launch linked to our topic of A Victorian Child. Myself and Mr Wild became Victorian teachers for part of the morning. The children were taught dictation using the sentence - Children are to be seen and not heard, writing only with their right hands. Then they were taught how to do drills and then arithmetic by Mr Wild. Mr Compton also came in and asked the children questions about Queen Victoria. All the children were able to say what the differences were between being educated now and during the Victorian times. Most preferred being educated now although a few said that they preferred the Victorian style of teaching. Well done Year Five for staying in character as a Victorian child. Please see the photographs of our brilliant launch.