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Learning Journey with Photographs

Friday 26th June

Year Five have had an amazing and busy week. First of all they went to Saint Mary's Church on Tuesday. They learnt about different aspects of the church and church life and also did different craft activities in the afternoon. One group learnt about bell ringing. Well done!

On Wednesday, they had their party for the children from Greenhall Nursery. They did an amazing job and I was really proud of them all.

On Friday, they all did so well with sports day. Well done Year Five - what an amazing week!

Tuesday 13th June

Today, Year Five went to visit the Gurdwara in Stafford on Tithe Barn Road. They were warmly welcomed at the Gurdwara by the Sikh community and went into the temple . Year Five listened well and asked lots of questions about how the Sikh religion started and about the Gurdwara. After this, the children were invited into the langar, the kitchen, where they were given snacks to eat. I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and brilliant behaviour from all the children. Well done Year Five.

Friday 9th June

Year Five have worked hard this week practising their arithmetic skills and also their number line skills for working out intervals of time. They also learnt about the transatlantic slave route. Well done Year Five.

Friday 26th May

Year Five have had another amazing week. They have been learning about translation in Numeracy and have also enjoyed revisiting reflection. They have also been preparing for their Greenhall party and have organised themselves into teams so that they are focusing on one thing in particular. I was very proud watching the children deciding what they will need for the party.

The half term homework is now in the homework section of the website. The children know what they need to do. Please can you ensure that your child knows all their times tables and can recall them quickly.

Thank you for your continued support  - have a happy half term holiday.



Friday 19th May

Year Five have had a busy few weeks. They have been working hard on shape in Numeracy and have been creating different accurate regular and irregular polygons.  They have also been learning about the nets of 3D shapes. In Literacy they have completed another extended write based on the poem, The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. They have written about The Highwayman's Revenge. I have been very impressed reading these with the use of description.

Year Five have also been to visit the children from Greenhall Nursery in two groups. The children were all positive role models for the school and enjoyed their experience. Well done Year Five.

Tuesday 2nd May

Year Five created their I have a Dream speeches as part of the launch to the new topic. First they watched Martin Luther King's speech and then wrote about something that they feel strongly about. After that they said their speeches to the class. Myself and Mr Wild were very impressed with all the children. Well done. Please see the photographs below.

I have a Dream Speeches

Friday 28th April

Year Five have had a fantastic and hard working first week back. They have researched what a highwayman was and have created a report using Microsoft Word. They really impressed me with their word processing skills and their use of different tools to make their report look amazing. They have also worked hard on angles and have practised measuring different angles with a protractor. They have also begun learning about Martin Luther King as part of the launch of our new topic called, 'I have a dream.' Well done Year Five, a great start to the Summer Term.