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Learning Journey with photographs

End of the Autumn Term

I would like to say that Year Five are a brilliant group of children who have worked extremely hard this term in all aspects of the curriculum. They have been a pleasure to teach and are very kind and respectful towards each other. Highlights of the term include the launch day, parent project and fabulous finish linked to our topic of the Anglo-Saxons as well as bikeability and of course the residential trip to Standon Bowers!

Year Five need a break and time to recharge their batteries and owing to this, there will be no homework set during the Christmas holidays. However your child will be bringing home their reading diary so when the opportunity arises, please encourage them to fill this in as they read.

On behalf of myself and Mr Wild, it has been an amazing term and we are already looking forward to the Spring term! We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday 8th December 2015

Year Five spent this afternoon having a 'battle' with the Year 6 Vikings on the school field as part of their fabulous finish.

First of all they spent last Friday morning creating their swords and shields. They worked well individually and also supported others when the need arose showing a true team spirit. Thank you for any cardboard or other resources that you donated.

Year Five also composed a battle song based on the pop song Five Hundred Miles. They practised and then performed this in front of Year Six before the battle took place and during the battle.

Year five took their swords and shields onto the school field and waited for the Year Six ambush. They stood their ground well and most of their swords and shields survived. Well done to the Year Five children who took part and the Year Six children. It really was a brilliant fabulous finish. Please have a look at the photographs taken during the making of the swords and shields and also during the battle.


Making of the swords and shields and Fabulous Finish Battle

Thursday 19th November

Year Five had an amazing parent project linked to our topic and the poem Beowulf. They created brilliant dragon collages and used a variety of materials such as glitter, water colours, beads and pom poms! Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came. It was a fantastic afternoon and evening. The dragons will be displayed so please look out for them!

Please look at the photographs below.

Thursday 12th November

Well done Year 5, we are CLASS OF THE WEEK! We also got the highest attendance award for the week beginning the 2nd November! Myself and Mr Wild are very proud of you!

Standon Bowers  4th - 6th November 2015

Year Five have had an amazing three days away at Standon Bowers. They truly were brilliant in all that they did and embodied the school motto of 'Care to learn and learn to care.'

On the Wednesday they made their beds  successfully, settled into their dormitories and were introduced to the two brilliant instructors who taught them new skills linked to the outdoors. They were split into six teams and gave their squad a name which linked to our Anglo-Saxon topic. They were also told what their cleaning duties were. The activities were archery, caving and a night walk. All children took part in all and challenged themselves. I can also tell you that myself, Mr Wild and Mrs Lunn also challenged ourselves!

On the Thursday the children did fire lighting, team work activities and climbing. After this they took part in a campfire.

On the Friday the children completed the high ropes challenge which was either a gladiator challenge or the power fan challenge. I was impressed with every child as again they challenged themselves.

Throughout the whole experience every child became more confident, independent and resilient as well as the staff. Well done to Year Five. You were brilliant and well done to Mr Wild and Mrs Lunn for coming, supporting and challenging themselves.

Please look at the pictures below of the amazing experience.  

Reminder  - Standon Bowers

Just a reminder about Standon Bowers. Please can I have any medical forms back that are outstanding before we go on Wednesday 4th November? Thank you.

On Wednesday 4th November we shall meet in the hall before we leave at 9am. Please remember to give any medication to Mr Wild or Mrs Lunn and any pocket money that your child is taking to me or Mr Wild in a wallet or purse that your child can easily identify. Thank you in advance.

Creativity Week   - 12th October

The children have been very creative this week in Year Five. They have learnt two new skills of single and cross hatching. Single hatching is drawing single lines and cross hatching is crossed lines. (If the lines are drawn closer together then the effect creates darker shades.) All children then practised these skills in their sketchbooks. They then recreated the work 'Thatched Roofs' by Vincent Van Gogh using fine black pens with only yellow and blue pencil crayons. The effect looks amazing and we now have a display in the family community room of their work. (See pictures below) Finally the children found out about Vincent Van Gogh and his work called 'Thatched Roofs.' Well done Year Five! You are a very creative class!


Thatched Roofs by Vincent Van Gogh

On Tuesday and Wednesday the 29th and 30th September, Year Five brought their bikes into school for two days of Bikeability. They were divided into two groups and spent two sessions with the instructors. They were hard working, full of enthusiasm and listened well to the instructors. They were a credit to the school. The instructors commented that they were a pleasure to teach. Well done Year Five!

Bikeability Photographs

On Wednesday 23rd September, Year Five created an Anglo-Saxon camp on the school field. They worked in three teams and each nominated a team leader. The three that were chosen worked hard to ensure that every child had a job to do whether it was collecting branches or leaves, making the houses waterproof or decorating the houses with the group's symbol and name. All the children then showed brilliant team work skills. The three houses that they produced looked amazing and were very well thought out.

Year Five then showed their houses to each other and then to Year Four who were also very impressed. Well done to Year Five for making the launch day a massive success and a huge thank you to Mr Sutton for organising most of the material that was needed. Please see the photographs below.

Launch Day Pictures - Anglo-Saxons