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Hello Heroes, over the forthcoming weeks we'll be following the Oak National Academy for some online maths learning. Here you'll be able to take part in a short, starter quiz to check what you can already know and can remember, before being guided through your lesson; leading up to an independent task and finishing with a quiz to see what you've learned! 

Week Beginning Monday 22nd June 2020
Week Beginning Monday 15th June 2020
Week Beginning Monday 8th June 2020
Week Beginning Monday 1st June 2020

Friday 22nd May 2020

Here is pages of Maths games for you to try! 

Thursday 21st May 2020

Today we are going to play some amazing Maths games from the website nrich!

Wednesday 20th May 2020

To finish off negative numbers I have attached a link to a quiz and also a link with a variety of negative numbers games on!

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Today we are continuing our negative numbers journey with some problem solving!

Monday 18th May 2020

We are going to start off this week with Negative numbers! If you are ever struggling with negative numbers always draw a number line! 

Math Antics - Negative Numbers

Learn More at Visit for more Free math videos and additional subscription based content!

Friday 15th May 2020

Today we will be solving linear equations using algebra! There is a video to help and just one page of questions. Good luck Heroes!

Solving Linear Equations

Visit for all my videos on solving linear equations and all other topics in Algebra.

Thursday 14th May 2020

Today we are working towards solving linear  equations. There is three activities and a video, it is all about getting you used to replacing a number with either a symbol or a letter, good luck Heroes!

Algebra Basics: What Is Algebra? - Math Antics

This video gives an overview of Algebra and introduces the concepts of unknown values and variables. It also explains that multiplication is implicit in Alge...

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Today we are continuing our algebra journey. There is a PowerPoint to explain the learning and there are two activities to complete. Good luck Heroes!

Tuesday 12th May 2020

Today will be another day of missing number challenges!  

Monday 11th May 2020

This week we are going to build to algebra but first we are going to spend two days on missing number questions! I have attached an algebra link if you would like to begin to look at algebra.

Thursday 7th May 2020

Today you are going to use multiple skills to solve these time problems! 



Wednesday 6th May 2020

Today we are going to do some time word problems! I will put-up three challenges although you only have to do one! The answers will be attached as well. Good luck Heroes!

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Today Heroes we are going to begin looking at digital times. There is a bitesize link and then then some activities for you to complete!

Monday 4th May 2020


This week Heroes we are going to be looking at time! Today we are going to start a little simpler because you have not covered time since last year. We will start off today looking at analogue clocks.


In both activities I would like you to write the analogue time in words, e.g. Half past three. As a further activity I have attached blank clock faces, so you can make your own!


I have also attached a video to help, good luck Heroes!

How to Tell Time

A quick review of our telling time lesson and some practice. Grab a pencil to write the time down or just orally say the time. I hope you find this video to ...

Friday 1st May 2020

Today ou have two final reasoning problems to solidify your learning of the mean. It is about explaining your Maths in a real life context. I've also attached a fun video for you!

Mean, Median, Mode, & Range (Lazy Song Parody)

Learn mean, median, mode, and range by singing along to this Bruno Mars parody! We'll give you examples, define what they mean, and get you moving out of you...

Thursday 30th April 2020

Today we are going to problem solve across all areas we have learnt this week! 

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Today we are going to look and median and mode. On the sheet there is some pointers and help but if you are struggling please go back to previous videos and links. Good luck Heroes!

Tuesday 28th April 2020

Today we are just finishing of the mean with some problem solving! With the sheet, questions 1 to 8 are your daily work anything after that is an extra challenge. If you are struggling here is a separate method you could try.


Add the data or Ages: 5+2+2+4+8 = 21


Multiply the mean to the AMOUNT of the data or ages: 4 x 6 = 24


Subtract The SUM of the Ages to the PRODUCT of the mean and amount of ages: 24 - 21 = 3

Monday 27th April 2020

This week we are going to be focussing on averages! This will include the mean, median and mode, first of all we will be starting with the mean! There will be a video and worksheet attached. Good luck Heroes. 

Friday 24th April 2020

Today you have a challenge and then I will attach some fun data handling games you can play!

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Today Heroes we are moving onto line graphs. We have looked at these before but I have attached a video to help. Good luck!

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

We are going to continue with Timetables today. I will upload another worksheet and a video to help you! 

Tuesday 21st April 2020

We are now going to spend two days on timetables! I will attach a video clip to help you with the questions. Good luck Heroes!

Monday 20th April 2020

This week we are going to be veering statistics! Attached will be a PowerPoint and a worksheet. Good luck Heroes!

Friday 3rd April 2020

To finish our learning of angles today I would like you to design your very own angles poster! Inclue all of the learning you have done so far and make it as creative as possible.

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Your angles work is coming along brilliantly. These next two days we are just going to round off our learning with some games and problems. Below I will post the problems, a game, a cheat sheet and a video. Parents I warn you this video plays an extremely catchy song!

Wednesday 1st April 2020

I hope you are all well. We are going to continue our work on angles. We are now going to move onto finding missing angles in quadrilaterals. Below there will be a video explains and also a PowerPoint to help you. There will also be included questions. It has been so great to see your work! Any questions email at:

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Today we will be moving onto finding the value of angles on a straight line. Below you will find a video which gives you a method of working these out. There will also be worksheets attached for you to try. 

Any questions email:

For your first challenge we are going to be looking at angles! You will find a PowerPoint, an information sheet and a recording sheet. Your task is to find different types of angles around your home. Enjoy!