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Monday 11th


Today we are starting with a game. Please click the link below to play the ordering numerals game. Start by ordering 1-5, but then you can choose your own level if you get them all correct. 


Today we are learning about 0. Please click the link below to watch "session 2" to help with the understanding of zero. 



Please see Google Classroom Phonics groups. 


Today the children are going to hunt for some clues. If you can write these 5 clues out before and hide around your house so that the children believe the 'magic' is real. However, if you cant then read to your child slowly allowing time for you child to guess who it might be. 


1. "I like to move high and low. Faster, faster, watch me go!” 


2. “Under the water is where I like to be, swimming and exploring, under the sea!”


3. “When I see a shark lurking in the deep, I swim super-fast and wish I had feet!”


4. “You have chins, I have fins, can you tell what I am yet?!"


5. ‘I am a fish! The fish that could wish"




Talk to your child about the rhyming in the clues, can they hear the rhyme. 

Watch the video below, can they hear the rhyme in the book? Can they predict the rhyme? 



This week we are going to learn all about the ocean. Start each afternoon by lying down, with your eyes closed and listen to the sounds of the sea. Stay here for 5 minutes each day. Think about the waves crashing onto the sand. 





This week we will learn about 4 different sea creatures. Today we will learn about SHARKS.

Have a go at drawing a shark, follow along with this tutorial. 




Below are a couple of videos you may like to watch. 

Can you find the answers to these questions and write them around your shark picture. 

 How big are sharks?

 Are all sharks carnivores?

 What is the biggest shark?

 What is the fastest shark?

 Do sharks have predators?

 Do sharks have a good sense of smell?