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Monday 1st Feb


Warm up

Counting forwards to 20 and back down again. Watch and sing along with the counting video. Can you then find a way to practise counting in your house? Maybe you could count up and down the stairs? Could you count from the fridge to the sofa how many steps it is? If you start by your front door and walk 20 steps where do you end up? Counting is all around is.


Today for numeracy we are making 6, 7 and 8 using whole, part, part (one large circle with two smaller ones coming off it). We used this last week when creating 5 and 6 and have using it several times in school.

Remember the whole represents the total and the parts are the different amount that get added together to make the whole.


Can you draw a whole part part in your child book (in the top blank section). Then give them 6 small items (beads, pasta, counters - what ever you have) as them to create the parts that combine to make 6. Can they record this on the first line in their book. Ask them to create a different way - for example: 1+5=6, 4+2=6.


Can they then do this with 7. Record on the next lines.

Can they then do this with 8. Record on the next lines.




Ask the children which calculation below is correct?


7 = 2 + 5

2 + 5 = 7

(they both are: please let us know what your child thinks - explanation is very important for mastery in numeracy)



Today you will be focussing on your fine motor control. There are a few things to do.

Warm up with the dough disco Youtube below.

After that follow along with Mrs Jones and the ripping paper ( you may need to pause the video as you go).

The final job is to get ready for a walk (you dont have to go but fresh air is good for everyone), You need to put on your shoes by your self and your coat. We have been working hard at school to learn to o our own coats up. Remember if you are getting cross with it, have a deep breath, shake away your sillys and try again.



Fine motor - ripping paper patterns


Follow along with Mrs Jones and Flash, past, fast today. Can you beat her to say the sound first?

When you have watched it, can you look on your google classroom phonics to see what time your live lesson is today.

phonics with mrs jones

Afternoon (extra Dojo point)

This week is national Story telling week. You will have seen on LearningBook that we have recorded the children previously telling a their own made up stories with inanimate objects.



Each afternoon we will give you an example story. Then there will be a choice/section for the children to pick from. Please then  you film their story and email it to us:

Mrs Jones –  

Miss Miles –


We are looking at the language the children use. In school we encourage the traditional tale beginning of 'once upon a time'.

When we have finished telling our own story in school we say ‘ four leaf clover my story is over’


Remember story telling is fun and exciting so make the afternoons a fun experience. Everyone gather round and get comfy.



You need a character 1, character 2, a problem, a hero and an ending (this does not mean all from the top/all from the bottom)


Once upon a time Duggee went for a walk with his friend Peter Rabbit.

There were having so much fun, when suddenly there was a big rumble and flash of lightening.

The rain started pouring down faster and faster.

Duggee and Peter Rabbit where hiding in a cave.

They had a nap while they waited.

When he woke up Peter Rabbit looked outside.

"oh no, we are flooded, we are stuck in the cave"

"a woof woof"

"you are right Duggee, we an call fireman Sam to resuce us".

Soon fireman Sam came to the recue in his speed boat.

"a woof woof"

"yes thank you fireman Sam for saving us".

They were all happy.

Four leaf clover my story is over.