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Morning Focus

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Monday 4th January 


Show your child 3 fingers – ask them how many fingers? Can they hold up 3?
Can they hold up more than 3 fingers?
Is there more than one way to do this?
Can they hold up fewer than 3 fingers?
How many do they have?


Use a variety of examples. 


Provide your child with 2 plates. Place 5 grapes or some sort of snack on one plate and 3 on the other.  Is it fair? Encourage them to notice that one plate  has more snack and the other has less.  How can they make this fair? How do they know that their way is fair? (they have the same amount). 

Use lots of examples with various amounts within 5. 


Extension- Could they see which plate has more if they had 3 plates of snacks? Can they place them in order from most amount of snacks to the least?




Tuesday 5th January

Make towers of pebbles or blocks. (Anything stackable that you can find around the house)
Who can make the tallest tower? How many pebbles are in each tower? Does your tower have more or less pebbles than your guardian's tower? Can you make 2  towers using the same number of pebbles?

Can you make a tower of 3 and a tower of 4? Which tower has more pebbles? Which tower has less?

Extension - Can you make a tower with fewer than 5 pebbles? Can you make a tower using more than 3 pebbles? 


Continue this activity with plenty of examples.