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The Childhood Flu Vaccination Programme 2020-2021 - Action Required

Dear Parent/Guardian


Eligibility for The Childhood Flu Vaccination Programme 2020-2021 will include:

All Schools – Reception to Year 7.

Special Education Provision - Reception to Year 13 (up to the age of 18)


The School Age Immunisation Team is moving to Electronic consents for the Flu vaccination programme.  The use of E consent is quicker and easier to use, and can be completed on any electronic device. In the event that this is not suitable, a paper copy can be obtained from your school. 


This vaccination is free and is a quick and simple spray up the nose.  Even if your child had it last year, it is recommended to have the flu vaccine again this year.  If your child has a long-term medical condition they can also access this vaccine at your GP surgery and for those children that cannot have the nasal spray they should have the injected flu vaccine. 


The nasal Flu vaccine contains products that come from pigs (porcine gelatine).  

Please access more information about Flu and the vaccinations that are available using the link provided at the bottom of the letter: 


If there are any changes to your child’s health 14 days before to the vaccination date YOU MUST contact the immunisation team on 0300 124 0366 as your child may not be well enough to receive the vaccination.  

  • Your child is asthmatic and becomes wheezy 
  • Has required oral steroids  
  • Has increased their asthma medication  


Vaccinating your child helps to protect against Flu and protects vulnerable friends and family by stopping the spread of flu diseases. 


Electronic Consent 


Click on this link  to complete the consent form.  


You will need this code JBFPSIDEP which identifies your child’s school 


Please complete the e-consent form by 22nd October 2020   


Please ensure that you complete and submit your child’s consent form promptly, whether you wish your child to be immunised or not and only submit one consent form per child. If you have any concerns or would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Immunisation Team on 03001240366 or email 



School Vaccination Date:  23rd October 2020

The Flu vaccination will only be offered in school once; children who do not receive the vaccination at school will be able to have it at one of our community clinics; please contact the team to arrange this on the telephone number above. 



The person(s) with parental responsibility will usually, but not always be the child’s birth parents.  People with parental responsibility for the child include: the child’s mother; the child’s father if married to the mother at the child’s conception, birth or later; a legally appointed guardian; the local authority if the child is on a care order; or a person named in a residence order in respect of the child.  Fathers who have never been married to the child’s mother will only have parental responsibility if they acquired it through a court order or parental responsibility agreement. After the 30th November 2003 unmarried fathers have automatic parental responsibility for their children if they are named on the birth certificate.   

For a child born before the 30th November 2003, they can be re-registered and the father named on the birth certificate, after which the father will have automatic parental responsibility.  




In particular circumstances, the person(s) who hold(s) parental responsibility may have given delegated authority to a foster carer to be able to give consent for immunisations; where a foster carer does not hold delegated authority for immunisations please arrange for the local authority to complete and sign the enclosed form.  


Yours Sincerely 

School Age Immunisation Team. 





The number of children and young people catching measles has risen. It’s never too late to be vaccinated.

You need two doses of MMR one month apart to be fully protected against measles, mumps and rubella.

If your child has missed one or both of the MMR vaccinations contact your GP surgery to arrange an appointment