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Parkside Primary School, Parkside - Welcome to our school website! Please take the time to explore the site. Should you require a paper copy of any of the information, please contact the school and a copy will be provided free of charge. The office hours are from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. The School day is 8:55am -3:25pm (32.5 hrs. education per week).

School improvement

School Improvement Areas



To further develop a values culture which links to the behavior system so as to prepare children to be learners and play an active role in modern Britain.

To review the Early Years vison and offer including the curriculum based on development matters and the pedagogy to offer an outstanding education to all our Early Years children

To continue to develop the teaching and learning policy at Parkside through systematic evidence based materials.

To further develop the reading culture at Parkside through age appropriate teaching and learning opportunities and inspiring a lifelong love for reading.

To further develop the Parkside Curriculum by using key concepts as a tool for organising knowledge and deepening children learning.

To develop the lunchtime provision so that all children have an enjoyable, inclusive and supported lunchtime.




















  • To further develop the concept led curriculum with a focus on immersion of pupils in all subjects
  • To develop middle leaders to lead and improve the provision and pedagogy of their subjects
  • To develop a teaching and learning policy based on the Trust principles that supports all learners and in particular those children with SEND- social and emotional needs
  • To develop Oracy with teachers and pupils understanding the importance of vocabulary- particularly tier 2 and tier 3.


  • To further develop a concept led curriculum with linked knowledge that allows further opportunities for children to work at greater depth in the foundation subjects
  • To develop subject leaders so that they understand and monitor the intent, implementation and impact of their subjects
  • To develop the provision of Early Reading making sure that the phonics links with the resources
  • To improve Oracy and vocabulary of pupils across the school


  • To increase the % of children working at greater depth in reading, writing and numeracy
  • To instil greater autonomy and the principles of metacognition for all groups of children through a renewed model of teaching and learning
  • To ensure that senior leaders are driving forward an agenda of school improvement 


  • To build the future leaders within the school
  • To develop an innovative and inspirational curriculum
  • To develop the role of the learner so as to extend the children working at greater depth particularly in reading



  • To improve writing for specific groups
  • To support children with SEND in reaching expected
  • To support the teaching of speaking and listening within Early Years
  • To develop the curriculum for the children beyond academia



  • To introduce a new assessment system
  • To develop reasoning and depth within Numeracy
  • To develop an outstanding nursery and early years
  • To raise standards in reading at a higher level
  • To develop the role of middle leaders



  • To develop outstanding through - pitch of lessons for upper attainers and SEND children, marking to be relevant and ICT links (Ofsted 2013)
  • To develop reading for the upper attainers
  • To improve pitch and subject knowledge based on the new curriculum
  • To develop an assessment procedure that ensures all children and parents know their next steps

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