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Sport Premium


School Sports Funding

The Government is providing additional funding to improve the provision of physical education and sport in Primary Schools. This funding is ring fenced and therefore is only spent on the provision of sport in this school. Schools must spend the money on improving the provision of PE and sport, but we have the freedom to choose how we do this.



Please read the documents below which map out the spending and the objectives to raise the sporting profile at Parkside,

our Year 6 swimmers attainment , our competition participation/results and our sports impact over the year.



Please read the document below which maps out the spending and the objectives to raise the sporting profile at Parkside.



Total funding - £9,104


This coming year the funding will be spent on the following:
  • Teaching and learning support  from a professional dance instructor from Stafford Sports and Performance Academy     £2,730
  • Level 5 PE course including network meetings  £850
  • Competition entry costs estimated at approximately  £200
  • Update PE equipment to support the delivery of 'games' in PE   £2000
  • New football kits (carried over from last years PE budget)  £320
Budgeted funding = £6,100
The remaining £3,004 will be saved for any courses, competitions or equipment we may need later in the year


Mrs Unwin, as PE coordinator at Parkside, will continue to teach PE throughout the year groups, lead the organisation of sports clubs and develop the sporting teams within the school. 

Teaching staff from the PE department at Sir Graham Balfour will visit weekly to enhance the expertise of staff within our school. 

We have begun the process of setting up an outdoor learning environment within school which will enhance the 'outdoors and adventurous' elements of the PE curriculum.

We aim to enter a variety of sporting competitions this year following our increased participation last year. Funding will be used to develop the skills of our talented children by purchasing new equipment, devoting time to enhance their skills and transporting them to the various events. It is hoped that we will take more teams to the gymnastics competition in Birmingham in the new year.


The £7680 per year will be spent on:

  • £3950 will be spent on paying for elitist coaching from Sir Graham Balfour in developing staff skills, providing tournaments each half term to compete with local primary schools and for using their resources; such as the climbing wall and trampolines in their sports hall. 
  • £3000 (approx.) will be spent on boosting our resources:                                                                                                                                    Gymnastics equipment - linking mats                                                                                                                                                                    Athletics training resources - speed bounce mats, vertical jump, long jump mats, reach test equipment  e.t.c.                                                  PE necessities - various balls, bean bags, ball pumps and adapters e.t.c.
  •  £200 (approx.) will be spent on competition fees (affiliation and entry costs).
  • £320 - initial costings for new KS1 and KS2 football kits - we are looking at possible sponsors.
  • The remaining funding will be used to purchase a set of smaller team t-shirts for our KS1 sports competitors, leaving a small contingency fund.


These costings will be more accurate once orders have been confirmed.


Last year we used some of our funding to purchase t-shirts, hoodies and caps for our teams to wear when representing our school. The children look smart and more importantly feel a sense of pride and belonging when wearing this uniform. 


The good news this year is that we already have a sports club up and running for our new Reception children. 


Sports Club participation 


Reception      42%

Year 1             73%

Year 2             50%

Year 3             80%

Year 4             62%

Year 5             71%

Year 6             91%


Competitions that we have competed in include:

swimming gala Years 5 and 6

cross country  Years 3 and 4

indoor athletics  Years 5 and 6

boys football  all of KS2 

gymnastics Years 3, 4 and 5

gotta dance festival Years 5 and 6

tri-golf Year 5

outdoor athletics Years 3 and 4

Change4Life  event Year 4


2014- 2015
Mrs Unwin, the PE coordinator and sport specialist, will continue to deliver 1 PE session in all classes throughout the school each week during PPA sessions. We will continue to use the expertise of the staff at Sir Graham Balfour to develop PE in our school by working alongside the teachers in the delivery of the other PE session. After last year focussing on games and gymnastics, our primary focus will be on dance but we will also be strengthening our outdoors and adventurous units of work in Key Stage 2. The school will develop sports leaders and there are plans in place to develop our 'Healthy Eating' focus in school with the help of our healthy eating monitors in Year 4.

Mrs Unwin will track participation of each class and each gender. The focus in the autumn term is to increase the participation of Year 1 and 2 through multi-skills clubs run by the Year 5 and 6 children at lunchtime, for at least two per week. To improve the performance of the school in competitive games, the children will meet for half a term before tournaments with team focussed clubs and a development of an elite squad alongside full participation.


The £9000 per year will be spent on:

  • £4000 will be spent on paying for elitist coaching from Sir Graham Balfour in developing staff skills, providing tournaments per week to compete with local primary schools and for using their resources such as athletics for all children at Sir Graham Balfour.
  • £3000 will be spent on resources such as dance and for games at lunch time.
  • £2000 will be spent on developing the role of Mrs Unwin providing national training courses so ensuring that as sports coordinator, she is aware of the latest developments based on the national agenda. This ensures that she is modelling outstanding PE sessions for all classes.



Club Participation

                                 Autumn                   Spring                    

Year 1                         50%                          63%

Year 2                         37%                          77%

Year 3                         68%                          78%

Year 4                         68%                          76%

Year 5                         62%                          82%

Year 6                         35%                          41%


Competitions that we have participated in include:



boys football

girls football - 3rd place

tag rugby

cross country

high five netball

athletics (indoor) - 1st place in our heat.

athletics (outdoor)

dance festival at the Gatehouse theatre



The PE coordinator Mrs Unwin teaches all classes 1 lesson of Physical Education per week to develop this area across the school during the PPA session. We have also signed up to a specific package with Sir Graham Balfour where the children participate in a variety of activities each week and then have the opportunity to compete with children from different schools in the local area. Sir Graham Balfour will also support our existing staff in raising the level of skills demonstrated by the children in Physical Education. This will also provide professional development training of the staff and to develop the skills of all pupils.


Club Participation
                                 Autumn                        Spring                        Summer
Year 1                          30%                             47%                           47%
Year 2                          53%                             67%                           69%
Year 3                          73%                             85%                           88%
Year 4                          77%                             88%                           88%
Year 5                          71%                             73%                           79%
Year 6                          56%                             77%                           75%

In September- during lesson observations teachers were teaching requires improvement or good lessons
In November- lessons observed were good
In March- Sir Graham Balfour staff levelled 2 lessons- good and 1- good with outstanding features.
In July 3 lessons were graded as good with outstanding features.

School competed in:
Tag Rugby
Cross Country