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Spring Term Little Explorers

 03.04.17 - 07.04.17


Easter fun with Numeracy and Literacy

Recognising numerals 1- 5 and 1-10 and matching the numerals with the corresponding Numicon on the Eatser Egg Hunt.  The children will be looking around the school and grounds to find the hidden numbers to collect on our hunt.


All of the children are working well with their letter formations and they will be using some clearly identifiable letters to communicate and write on their Easter cards.  They are also writing the names of animals from the farm on the whiteboards. 


We are making Easter nests this week and all of the children will be looking at how chocolate changes from a solid into liquid and back again.  They will be using their motor skills to develop their shoulders in mixing and transferring the mixture into the cases. 


Our Easter story is called 'Oh Dear'.  Buster is staying at his Grandmas house on the farm but where will he find the eggs for his breakfast??  As part of the story the children will join in with repeated refrains and acting out the story.



We are having some lovely achievements from the children and they are so proud sharing them with their friends.  Some of the children can now dress themselves, ride their bikes and write their own names.  As a class we are encouraging all of the children to practice putting their socks and shoes on, by themselves.  Please help your children by teaching them this basic but crucial developmental point. 


Have a wonderful week and enjoy the Easter break, I am sure you are looking forward to it!!!!

27.03.17- 31.03.17


Exploring and using media and materials.

This week at Little Explorers we have been exploring with different textures and paintings.  The children have been painting pictures of themselves and adding textures, experimenting with different colours and describing the feel, when they close their eyes. 


We have used twigs and small branches as musical instruments this week and the children have counted the beat out as they played.  They have tapped out simple repeated rhythms using found objects and musical instruments.


The children have used their imaginations to describe what they can see in a jigsaw.  They used new and expanded language to imagine and recreate roles that they can see in the ambulance jigsaw.


Creative tables- having lots of fun with sticking and gluing and using different materials to add textures.  Using conkers, fir cones and shells to group together and count into correct numbered containers.


We have had a hen in Nursery this week, 'Henrietta the hen'.  The children have been learning to look after the hen and discussed where eggs come from.  We have talked about different foods and the effects on our bodies.  Henrietta ate a strawberry and laid a red egg!!!!  (Pretend hen).


Outside Play

Realising not only objects can be counted but jumps, skips and hops. 

Using the Numicon in the farm area to count the number of animals and match them to the correct Numicon. 

Painting on the large blackboard and experimenting with colours and mixing different colours together to create wonderful pictures.



Please remember we have the WOW leaves in Nursery so please ask us for some to take home.  The tree is starting to fill up and we would love your child to share their achievements with their friends.


Enjoy your week everyone!!

wk 20.03.17 - 25.03.17


Mothers Day

In preparation for Mothers Day this week, the children are making pictures for their mummies and they are practicing writing their names.  We will be helping the children to learn, read and write some simple CVC words:- cat, pat, sat etc.  Please encourage your children to spell out as may of these words as they can and if they can tell you the initial letter sounds, let us know!! 

Some of the children are beginning to write out simple sentences like  'a cat sat on a mat', so if they are practicing their letter formations at home, please help your child by sounding out simple 3 lettered words.


The children are working well with their maths and we are looking at extending their knowledge of shapes.  They are beginning to use more complex language in their descriptions of shapes.  An apple is a circle but it is also a sphere.  We will be looking at lots of different shapes to help them with this.


From science week last week, the children grew some cress, which has grown well over the weekend.  Towards the end of the week they will be tasting the cress by making their own egg and cress sandwiches, which they will have as snack!  Yummy!!


As part of out story telling, we have been talking about Lucy's Picture so the children have made their own pictures using different textures and paints.  They have been closing their eyes to feel the difference between the textures and describing what they can feel.  As part of the story, we will be having a visitor on Friday morning.  A guide dog will be visiting Nursery so that we can discuss how the person feels being unable to see and how they depend on their dog to guide them throughout the day.


If you have any queries on the topics we will be doing this week, please feel free to speak to a member of the Nursery Team.


Have a good week everyone!!!

Weekly Updates



Wk 13.03.17 - 17.03.17


Science Week

Using the new Numicon maths shapes, we made egg cartons to match the shapes and counted 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.  The children talked about planting cress seeds and what they needed to make them grow.  They used cotton wool, water and lots of sunshine.  Once the cress has grown they will taste it when they make their own egg and cress sandwiches.


The children are learning about healthy food and snacks this week.  They are preparing their own healthy snack of carrots, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and hummus.  They will take part in an obstacle course in the hall and talk about the effects of exercise on their bodies. 


To finish the week off, the children will take part in a wellie walk around the grounds, looking for signs of Spring.  When they return to Nursery they will enjoy some freshly baked jacket potatoes and discuss how butter changes from a solid into a liquid.  Yum Yum!!


At Nursery we are encouraging the children to try new foods and be independent.  If they do anything at home that they are pleased with, please remember we have our achievement tree where blossom leaves can be filled in with their 'Wow' moments.  Collect the leaves from Nursery.


Have a great week everyone!!

The Nursery Team