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Parkside Primary School, Parkside - Welcome to our school website! Please take the time to explore the website. Should you require a paper copy of any of the information on the website, please contact the school and a copy will be provided free of charge. The office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please do not call into the office if you are displaying any Covid-19 related symptoms.if your child tests positive for Covid-19 in the days immediately following the end of term, please email us at: with the following details and call 07927643262

Summer Term Information

Fabulous finish - Trip to West Midlands Safari Park
What an amazing day we had. The children saw so many animals. The tour of the park on the bus enabled us to get up close to the giraffes, elephants, rhinoceros, lions, zebra and many more animals. They loved the penguins, lemurs and meerkats. See photographs in the gallery.
The children were very sensible, showing awareness of keeping safe and caring for each other. We were very proud of them. They were a credit to Parkside and their parents.
Sebastian the Snake
What an amazing experience. Mr Bennett brought his corn snake to see us. The children had so many questions and were fascinated. They have been doing research into snakes, using non-fiction books and using the internet and now know a lot of snake facts. Thank you Mr Bennett for bringing our research to life! Have a look at the photographs in the gallery.
Topic Launch Day
We have had a fantastic start to our new topic 'Jump on a Jungle Journey'. Dressed as explorers we headed off into the jungle, looking out for animals on our way. We came to a clearing and made a camp fire (with help from the adults, we were very safe) and we built a shelter, with a lot of help from Mr Sutton (thank you Mr Sutton). We cooked popcorn, marshmallows and chocolate bananas on the fire - delicious! Have a look at the photographs in the gallery.


Welcome back. It has been lovely to share the children's Easter holiday homework with them and to see them confidently talking about their experiences and the what they have been working on. We thank you once again for the fantastic amount of effort that goes into the homework that you complete with your child.
Whilst it has come around very quickly this is now your child's last term in Reception and that of the Foundation Stage years. This term we will continue to build upon the learning that has taken place previously and will continue to encourage your child to become increasingly independent in their learning in readiness for Year One. Our topic this term is  'Jump on a Jungle Journey', where possible learning will be based around the topic and our new class text. Please look out for the curriculum letter which will provide more information about our topic and what it entails.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to come and speak to us.


Many thanks for your continued support.


Mrs Bell, Mrs Howe, Mrs Insull, Mr Chesters and Mrs Sandland