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The Dream Team Latest News

W/C 3 - 12 - 18

With only two weeks of the school term left, it has been a very exciting and busy week.

In our literacy we have begun to look at our new text ‘Flotsam’ which has been particularly interesting to see the children interacting with illustrated books. The Dream Team have worked hard to understand the sequence of the story by using their inference skills. It was lovely to see how their imagination guided them to respond to the storyline and to hear their different interpretations of this.

In numeracy we have continued to develop our ability to reason calculations. We have introduced both multiplication and division to our learning. Their ability to use multiple methods simultaneously has shone through in their work and highlighted their love for learning.

With Christmas fast approaching, the children have been researching Advent and the way this is celebrated. Focusing on the Advent Wreath, this has allowed pupils to look at the meaning of a wreath in relation to the Christian faith. Following this, The Dream Team have shared their knowledge of this and what it means to them in the Parkside Adventure books which has been beautifully presented.

It has also been a great pleasure to host Grandparents Lunch which was a great success. Not only was it lovely to see family members enjoying a sit down meal at Parkside, but the enjoyment from the children was equally as rewarding and enjoyable to see. We received such positive feedback from the afternoon and would like to thank you for attending.

Keep up the hard work Dreamers, you continue to try your best and strive for success!

W/C 26 - 11 - 18

The Dream Team have been amazing this week and put 100% into all their learning. 

In our Numeracy we have been developing our reasoning skills by working hard to 'explain' our thinking and understanding. It has really made our brains ache, but the children have really persevered to use a variety of sentences openers to explain their understanding about different mathematical concepts! smiley 

In our Literacy we have completed our unit on 'Explanation Texts' and written up our work in our Weaving Magic books. Next week we will be introducing our second class text of the term 'Flotsom' by David Weisner.

In our topic work we have been continuing with our planning for our own chocolate bar designs. We have used the information that we collected from the survey to choose the ingredient she would like to use for our own designs. We then drew what we envisaged they would look like and labelled each component. 

Next week the children will be completing 'quizzes' in Reading and Numeracy to support our teacher assessment and set new targets for the children.


W/C 19 - 11 - 18

What a busy week it seems to have been this week! The children have all worked extremely hard in their learning, particularly in literacy. The children have been completing their drafts for writing their explanation text 'From Bean to Bar'. They have been learning how to use cause and effect sentences to help explain how and why certain things happen - not an easy thing to do but they have all produced some amazing work! Next week we will be writing and presenting our final explanation text.

In our Numeracy learning this week the children have used the knowledge and skills they have learnt in addition and subtraction to apply this to word problems. They have needed to read the stories to ensure they have understood what is being asked, and the calculation they need to complete to solve it. It wasn't as easy as it sounds though as there was usually some information within the problem that wasn't needed to help to solve it. 

​​​​​​​As part of our topic work we have begun learning about 'Market Research' in preparation for designing and making our own chocolate bars to sell in school. The children visited the classes within school to ask them specific questions about chocolate so they were able to use this to help them with their own creations.

On Friday the children enjoyed a DVD afternoon organised by the PTFA! Popcorn, popcorn and more popcorn!! What a fabulous end to a fabulous week! smiley​​​​​​​

W/C 12 - 11 - 18

What a busy and exciting week we have had again in The Dream Team. This week has been both Anti-bullying week and Parliament week. On Tuesday we had some really good discussions about bullying and how being unkind can affect others. The children were extremely sensible about these issues and it really proved what kind and supportive friends ALL the children in The Dream Team are. We also discussed online safety and the importance of keeping safe at home when playing games online or games consoles. I was very impressed with the children's knowledge of online safety and the way they took part in these discussions.

On Thursday we took part in some class debates as part of Parliament week. The two debates were 'Should children take holidays in term time?' and 'Should children be given homework'. There were certainly some heated discussions but it was fantastic to see the children embracing this and not being afraid to put forward their own points of view. Please see the photographs on the class photo pages. 


W/C - 5 - 11 - 18

Welcome back after the half term break. We hope you and the children are well rested and ready for the next half term ahead. Although it has only been a four day week this week it has still been extremely busy for the children with lots of exciting learning opportunities.

In our Literacy we have begun learning about 'Explanation Texts' and how they are useful to explain to us how or why things happen. The children have been working hard to make notes from film clips and books in preparation to write their own explanation text about 'How Chocolate is made'.

In our Numeracy learning this week we have been learning to subtract using different methods, including using column subtraction with exchanging. The children have really loved the challenge of this.

Today has been very moving and powerful. We had a full day focussing on 'Remembrance', in particular WW1. The day started with a moving assembly performed by staff to show what it was like for men at war. We read the story 'War Game' by Michael Foreman, which told the story of three men who went to fight on the Front Line in No Mans Land. The children then recreated this by going out onto the school field and crawling around in the cold, wet mud, keeping out of sight of the enemy. They learnt what awful conditions the soldiers had to contend with and how exhausting life was. When they returned to class they wrote a letter home from the Trenches as if they were one of the soldiers in WW1.

The children really embraced this learning and were absorbed in all they did. A fabulous day which made us all very proud.



W/C - 22 - 10 - 18

It was great to see you all at parents evening this week and share with you how the children have settled and the successes they have had as they've begun their journey in KS2.

Some of you have asked of I can put on the homework expectations so I have listed these below.


Spellodrome - 20 minutes each week. If this is not completed then children will be expected to complete extra spelling tasks in school time. 


Reading - At least four times each week, please make sure the diaries are signed by and adult.


Weekly Homework - This will always be consolidation of the learning that the children have done in class.A new maths book will come home for the children to complete for any maths homework. Sometimes the homework may be literacy or topic based. Homework is sent home on a Thursday and must be returned to school no later than the following Monday.


We hope you all have a great half term break and enjoy spending time and having fun with the children.


W/C - 15 - 10 -18

Wow! What a week! Mr Willy Wonka has been at Parkside!! We don't know when... we don't know how... but he's been! The children were so excited to arrive at school on Tuesday to spot Willy Wonka's suit high up in the trees and glitter on the playground. On further inspection, we found his cane and top hat placed carefully on the netball posts (see photo gallery). So, we wrote back to the Oompa Lompas to tell then what we had seen and let them know Mr Wonka was still around the area.

The children produced some amazing character descriptions from their experiences and really worked hard to 'show' what a specific character is like rather than just 'tell' what he/she looks like.

In our topic work this week we have been learning about 'The History of Chocolate' and where it originates from. The children worked extremely hard to develop their Geography skills by using maps and atlases to locate the different continents and Oceans of the World. They then also learn about the climate of specific countries and identified the Equator and The Tropics, investigating how these countries are warmer than others.

W/C 8 - 10 - 18

What an exciting week we have had in the Dream Team this week. On Monday we received a letter from the Oompa Lompas. Willy Wonka had gone missing and they needed some help in finding him. They were getting concerned that all the chocolate wouldn't be ready for Christmas and the staff at the factory were beginning to get lazy! The children worked hard to find out everything they knew about Mr Willy Wonka so that they could keep an eye out for him... watch this space!

In our Numeracy learning the children have been learning a variety of different ways to add 3 digit numbers. They have used both practical and pictorial methods but also learnt how to add using the column methods, regrouping numbers when needed. The children have really enjoyed this area of learning and been asking if they can do more in an afternoon! sad

In our Science learning this week we have been continuing our learning on nutrition and learning a healthy lifestyle. The children have learnt about the different food types needed for a balanced diet and the amounts of each nutrient that is needed to keep us healthy.


W/C -  1 - 10 - 18

It has been another very week in The Dream Team this week with the children working extremely hard in all areas of their learning. I am so proud of each and every one of the children for the effort that they are putting in to all subjects.

We have completed our first piece of writing for our weaving magic books which looks fantastic alongside our artwork. 

In our Numeracy we have been continuing to use our problem solving and reasoning skills to show that we have a secure and deeper understanding of place value. Next week we will be revisiting addition and subtraction strategies.

The children have loved their science learning this week where they have been learning about the different types of nutrition. I've never known children to be so excited about their homework as they were this week! 

 This week we have also started working towards our new class rewards systems. The children have a jar which they need to fill with pompoms by the end of the week to earn a treat which they have choosen. This week the children have chosen their own target of 'being ready' at different times during the day. They asked if this could include being ready for learning as well as being ready when lining up outside and in their general organisation.


It is important that the children complete their weekly spellings each night to help support them in their writing. The children need to put a new date and title in their spellings book each evening before completing these tasks. Just a reminder that the children are also required to complete 20 minutes on Spellodrome each week.

W/C 24 - 9 - 18

Another week has flown by in the Dream Team and the children are continuing to show that they are all true 'Dreamers'. This week we have been working hard in our literacy where we have continued to write a recount of Charlie Buckets day, as if we are Charlie. The children have been learning how to write and draft and then use their editing skills to make improvements.

On Tuesday the children produced some great collages that showed the differences between Charlie's house and Willy Wonka's factory.

W/C 17 - 9 - 18


It has been another exciting week in the Dream Team this week. The week started with our 'Chocolate' topic launch day. The children spent the morning taking part in fun game and tasks such as 'Bobbing Apples', 'Hoopla', 'Hook a Duck', and 'Buzz Wire' to name a few,  where they were able to win chocolate bars. They played 'Guess the Chocolate Bar', tasting different chocolate bars whilst blind folded to try and guess what they were. The children then melted chocolate to make their own chocolate sweets. 

Whilst all this was going on a surprise visitor came into the classroom and left a huge pile of chocolate and a letter. You guessed it... it was Willy Wonka himself. Unfortunately the children were out for break when this happened and according to the visitors book he was only in the building for 2 minutes. Apparently he arrived in his Glass Elevator which he parked on the staff car park! Willy Wonka has asked the children to help him to design and make new and exciting chocolate bars ready to be on the shelves in time for Christmas. He has asked that we send any work to him at his factory. If he is impressed then he said that he may send some Golden Tickets to enable us to visit his factory!

As well as all this excitement the children have been working extremely hard in all others areas of their learning and have really settled into the Dream Team. 


W/C 10 - 9 - 18


We have had a very busy and exciting week in The Dream Team this week. We have settled back into our school routines and been putting in 100% effort into our learning. On Thursday we had our class text launch day where the children got to experience what life was like for Charlie Bucket. The children took part in lots of different activities such as chopping cabbage to make cabbage soup, washing stains out of clothes with cold water, sharing a single bed with 7 other family members, sweeping the yard and making the morning porridge. They then took on the role of Charlie's Dad and spent time  completing repetitive tasks. The children had an amazing day and it really helped them to understand what life was like for those less fortunate.