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The Incredibles

W/c 1.04.19


This week the Incredibles have been rehearsing hard to ensure that their acting and singing is on point ready for their performance to the whole school on Monday and for their families on Thursday. It is really coming together now, and we are all excited for the dress rehearsal on Monday morning. Alongside our rehearsals we have been using our knowledge of the play in order to write our own retell of the Easter Story. We have been planning it this week and have been making sure that we understand all of the rules of how to use inverted commas. On Friday afternoon, we put all of our silver coins together and created our coin trail. Hopefully, ours will be the longest! 

W/c- 25-03-19


This week the Incredibles along with the Dream team and the High flying fours have been rehearsing for the Easter Show of the Resurrection Rock. The scripts have been given out along with the details about the costumes. We have been practising the songs and now know nearly all of the words off by heart! - Well done everyone! Today, we have begun piece together the acting to match the dialogue and songs. Not long now until the show! 


In forest schools this week, we were given the chance to make fires in small groups. Firstly, we spoke about fire safety and that we had to stay back from them, remembering not to put our hands in it or lean over it! Afterwards, Mr Sutton taught us how to light a fire.... we needed fuel, oxygen and something to ignite it with. We filled a takeaway container with sand and some sticks, then we filled some cotton wool with petroleum jelly and then we used a flint to ignite the cotton wool, slowly adding twigs to help keep the fire alight. Due to all of the children being so very sensible around the fires we were able to toast some marshmallows over them- YUMMY!

W/c 18-03-19


This week in the Incredibles classroom, we have been creating kites, dream catchers and have been doing some orienteering as part of our forest schools. It was great fun! For the dream catchers we used some paper plates, dry pasta, string and feathers in order to create our masterpieces. When we made kites we used rods of bamboo and string to make the frame of the kite and a bin bag to cover it. Unfortunately, it wasn't very windy so our kites struggled to take off! On Friday, we practised for our school play- Resurrection Rock and sang some of the songs. In the afternoon, we took a look at what friction was and performed an experiment to help further our understanding. We used a ramp and a car and let it roll down and onto different surfaces to see on which surface the force of friction was stronger and which meant that the car did not travel as far. 

W/c  11.03.19

This week was kicked off by a science assembly lead by Mrs Howe who showed us how exciting science can be through various experiments and discussions. We then took it upon ourselves to try out some experiments. On Monday, we used instructions and paper to create a paper aeroplane, a helicopter and a glider in order to see which one stayed in the air for the longest amount of time! We used a stopwatch to time each aircraft and discovered that the glider remained in the air for the longest period of time. On Friday, we had a guest speaker who was a science expert in our science lesson. He spoke to us about propulsion and that the fire that comes out of the bottom of a rocket when it is about to take off is pushing against the floor with such great force that the rocket is pushed up into the sky in a process called propulsion. With our new found knowledge we decided to put it to the test. We had a bottle of coke and some mentos and when we put the mentos into the bottle of coke, a chemical reaction happened which caused the coke to be pushed out of the top of the bottle. In our second experiment, we pumped air into a bottle filled to the halfway line with water and as the air filled the bottle the pressure became too much and the bottle shot up into the air and released all of the water- simulating rocket propulsion. We have had a lot of science fun this week, whether it has been making, predicting, watching or discussing- we have had a blast!

W/c 4.3.19

This week we celebrated world book day! We were able to wear our dressing gowns and slippers and read our most treasured books cuddled up with our favourite teddies. In the morning, we enjoyed a super assembly led by Mrs Stanton, who told us about the importance of reading and the magical places that it can take us. We were able to share our stories with our friends and read our favourite passages. When we returned to class, there were 4 bags awaiting us and inside those bags were some random objects. In small groups, we had to create some stories using the items given. There were some very imaginative  stories - Excellent job Incredibles! After play, the Incredibles were split into groups to create a character. They then had to pass on that character to another team who had to write a story, a news article or a wanted poster about that character. We had some very inventive stories from villainous tales to fairy tales. Just before lunch we re-created the scene from Matilda where she makes everything move with her powers- it was like magic! We finished off the day by designing our own book tokens and reading a few stories. 

W/c 25.02.19

The first week back to school and the Incredibles are on fire with their learning! They have come back raring to go which is what we love to see. This week we have been looking at our class text 'Stig of the Dump' and have been analysing a section about fox hunting. The children identified each characters viewpoint about fox hunting and had to explain why they thought this was their viewpoint using quotes from the text. We then looked at the possibility that each quote could have a different meaning. For example, Granny might have said that she was unsure about Lou going fox hunting because she was worried about her, not because she is against fox hunting. This led to a debate about what each character meant by what they said. After this, we decided to re-enact some fox hunting of our own. The next day one of our pupils brought in some hunting horns for us to have a look at and then we researched how they were used in hunting.  


On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to go on our bikeability level one course. Everyone had lots of fun and we all learnt how to ride our bikes safely with the proper equipment , they even taught us how to ride one handed! On Thursday, we were outside in the mud and rain playing some fun team building games with Mr Sutton like, making a shelter, relay races that involved passing a bucket of water down the line and cat and mouse. It has been a very busy week for the Incredibles class, filled with fun and lots of new learning!

W/c- 4.02.19

It has been another exciting week in the Incredibles classroom! We have been pulling together all of the information we know about caves including how they are formed and what can we expect to see inside them. We have discussed various ways in which we could travel to the forest instead of just walking. We have had lots of fun demonstrating lots of different ways of walking. We used our knowledge from our dump poems that we did earlier on in the year to help us imagine what being in a real life dump would be like. With all of this information and creativity in our heads we were able to complete our drafts about our journey to the dump. The work produced was a pleasure to read. 


In Numeracy this week, we have been learning about measurement and how to use a ruler accurately. Using our knowledge of measuring lines we were able to answer problem solving and reasoning questions. Later on in the week, we focused more on conversion and how many milimetres are in a centimetre and how many centimetres are in a metre to solve tricky problems. 

W/c - 28.01.19

Ahoy there, ye salty sea dogs! On Wednesday, the children in the Incredibles class were sent a letter. It was from a pirate who had mysteriously wound up in Stafford. However, he did not know who he was or where he was. It was the Incredibles' mission to figure out who this person was through researching him. It turned out that, it was none other than the pirate Cap'n Calico Jack.  What a day for the Incredibles, but it didn't stop there the children came to school dressed as pirates the next day and were stunned to have their assembly gate-crashed by the notorious pirate Cap'n William Kidd. He had docked his ship on the stage in the hall and left. The Incredibles went back after assembly to investigate the ship. They also researched everything they could about the pirate captain and even had the privilege of interviewing him. After compiling all of the evidence, the children wrote a newspaper article about the mysterious, menacing pirate who popped into Parkside. 

W/c- 21.01.19

This week, we have been working towards our next literacy piece - a description about our journey to the dump and falling into a cave. We have been looking at various other texts such as 'The Wizard of Oz', '127 Hours' and 'Touching the Void' in order to help us with how to write a description about a journey and falling. To help us further we have been using apparatus in P.E to recreate ways we would enter the dump. In Maths, we have been learning about how to find change from different amounts of money. We have been using our knowledge of money, addition and change to solve word problems. This week has concluded our money unit, next week we will be starting our new unit - Statistics. 

W/c -  14.01.19

This week we have been learning about rocks and their properties in Science. We have also been outside to create our very own caves inspired by our new book 'Stig of the Dump' and our Stone Age topic. We worked together in groups to create a cave suitable to live in. The resources we had available were pieces of rope, tarpaulin, sticks, leaves and any other natural resources we could find. In addition to this, we had to ensure that the cave had a roof to keep us dry and a floor to protect us from the damp ground. In Maths, we have begun our new unit on Money and have been identifying coins and finding ways to make different amounts. We have just begun converting pounds into pence and vice versa before moving on to addition with money next week. 

W/c - 7.01.19


Welcome back!

The Incredibles have come back with a positive attitude and are eager to learn. This week we launched our new text 'Stig of the dump'. We ventured outside and discovered a dump on the field, filled with cardboard, plastic and various other materials. Stig and Barney had written to us asking us to invent some objects to make Stig's cave more homely. We created things such as chairs, televisions, ovens and a hat rack. From this we brainstormed words describing the dump using our senses. We are building our vocabulary about a dump in order to create a senses poem.