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The Incredibles

W/c - 6.05.19

This week the Incredibles and the Dreamers became Egyptians and explorers. When suddenly, they received an email and were rushed into the hall. Waiting for them in the hall was a letter from Samuel Carter, the great-grandson of Howard Carter, the man who discovered Tutankhamun. Samuel Carter also sent the children a video asking them to investigate some artefacts that he had sent across and help him discover what they were called and what they were used for. The year 3 children, took up the challenge and came up with all manner of uses for the artefacts including an organ tray for mummification! The children were also given a chance to create their own scratch art of Tutankhamun and Cleopatra as well as creating their own Egyptian necklaces. We will continue our Egyptian adventure in the coming weeks!



W/c 29.04.19

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. The Incredibles came back with a bang! They have thrown themselves into their learning and have shown true excitement and enthusiasm towards their learning. This week we introduced our new class text 'The Enchanted Wood'. During the week, we were sent a distress letter from a fairy asking for help to find her fellow fairies who had been captured and hidden around the school  by the evil pixies. The Incredibles and the Dreamers had to first find the pieces of the destroyed map which lead them to the faraway tree where the first clue lay. After that, the children had to follow each clue and find each fairy before their magic was drained from them as they had been away from the faraway tree too long. Thankfully, the children managed to return all of the fairies before their time was up. In addition, the children were assigned their own fairy names by picking two random objects from the forest and which ever basket they corresponded to generated a randomised name which the children will be referred called during some literacy units. What a great start to the term everyone, keep up the good work!