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Thursday 11th Feb

Today we are asking for a wonderful piece of writing in literacy. Bearing in mind that we are almost at the end of term, and the children are all tired, we have shorted the numeracy session today to allow for more time to be spend completing the literacy task.  


Below are some options for numeracy games, to continue with the consolidation of addition we have been practising all week.


Option 1.

The link below shows games described as year 1, yet these are suitable for our current understanding of addition. Please enjoy. I have added the best games as images below.

Option 2

Topmarks website offer a variety of numeracy games. Try to stick with addition, however feel free to play until your heart is content.


Today we would like you to write your What am I poems.

We in class would expect:

- the children to use the sound mat independently (even if they are not correct)

- the children write the tricky words correctly -  I have added one below.

- you encourage the use of cursive flicks in all the writing.

- independent as possible.

- all letters are clearly formed. 

Overall there needs to be three describing sentences followed by the final "What am I".


Spelling is not important but being phonetically plausible is, so please encourage as much independence as possible. Once your child has finished please upload it to Learningbook (or email as tomorrow we will be sharing our poems (no names) and seeing if we can guess what sea creatures they are.


Final note - if your child is finding it hard to complete aim for a sentence then stop, do something different, then come back and do another...repeat until the poem is complete.


Red + Green = two poems (you can use two pages in your books)

Blue = one poem.



This week we are focussing on the children’s social and emotional wellbeing and we will be hosting social interaction opportunities. We will be hosting a different ‘party’ for all the children to join each day.

Please join as many of the parties as you can we expect that it is not suitable for every family, however we expect to see you attend at least 3 as this is the focus of the afternoon.

The whole weeks afternoons are up so you can choose which works best.


Today it will be in the form of a Mad Hatters Tea party.

You will need to bring: a drink, a snack, wear a silly wig/hat.


This afternoons timings are:

1pm Register (everyone)

2.15 – 2.35 Mad Hatters Tea Party (via the link for registration)

3.00 End of the day