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Thursday 11th March



Warm Up



Write numbers to 10 on some pieces of paper. Can you order numbers to 10?


Can you play the game below for and match the numeral to the quantity?




Can you identify all of the representations of 9 and 10 in the sheet below?



Can you make some towers using 10 different objects for each? Will each tower be the same height if they all have 10 objects?




If you could write a letter to the pirate who took Miss Miles' treasure what would it say?


E.g below- remember to use your phonics mat!


Dear Pirate, 


Please bring back Miss Miles' treasure, she is missing it and is very sad. It is not ok to take other people's things!



Mrs Jones


Phonically decodable version might look like this....


Dear PIrut,

Please bring back Miss MIls treshur, she is missing it and is veree sad. It is not ok to taik othr peepls things!


Missiz Joans

Afternoon Focus 


We are going to have a play with cornflour and water today. 

What could we do with cornflour and water? (Mix them together.) 


Can you predict what will happen if we mix them?


I predict...


What happens when you hit the mixture? How does it feel can you describe it? Is it a solid or liquid?


What happens if you touch it lightly? Can you describe this? Is it solid or liquid?


Why do you think this happens?