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Thursday 14th




Warm up


Can you play the bunny ears game?  Using both of your hands can you make numbers 1-5? How many different ways can you make the same number? (see example below)




Can you draw a five frame as shown below?

Grab 2 different coloured pencils or crayons. Can you draw 4 coloured circles in the five frame. You might draw 2 orange circles and 2 blue circles – beneath this you can write the number sentence 2+2=4. How many different ways can you do this? 


Try this activity with 5 circles.



Place 5 or 4 objects in a bag or under a cloth- Tell your child how many objects are under the cloth. Tell your child how many objects you have taken away- can they work out how many objects will be left?




Warm up 


Mrs Ball has prepared a video for you to watch below. Can you follow along and complete her activity?
Phonics - Please see google classroom for your child's phonics video 

Afternoon Focus


Recap what a herbivore, carnivore and omnivore is.


This week we have focused on sharks and seals. Today we are going to look at the concepts of prey and predator. An example of predator is the shark and the seal being its prey. 


Look at the video below.





What is a predator? Can you think of some examples?

What does prey mean? Can you think of some examples?


Have a look at the powerpoint below. 

I have attached some pictures of animals. Can you draw as many food chains as possible using the animals enclosed below?


(there are some examples of food chains on the bottom of the sheet)