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Thursday 1st April

Morning Focus 


Today we would like your to write the retell of the Easter Story. 


Please use your phonics mats  and tricky word mats to help you. Please help your child write the names Jesus and Mary. Please allow your child to use the sounds that they can hear in the words. 




Jesus was a friend to all and this made people jealous. 

These people had had enough and  some guards came to punish Jesus and nail him to a cross. 

Jesus died on the cross and he was put in a cave. 

One day, Jesus' friends came to see him in the cave- but he was gone!

Jesus was alive again. His Friend Mary went to tell everyone the good news. 

Jesus came to say goodbye to his friends and then went to live in heaven with God. 




Phonically plausible version - using phase 3 phonics sounds 


Jesus was a frend to all and this maid peeple jelus.

Thees peepl had had enuff and sum gards caim to punish Jesus and nail him to a cross. 

Jesus dId on the cross and he was put in a caiv.

Won day, Jesus' frends caim to see him in the caiv - but he was gon.

Jesus was alIv agen. His frend Mary went to tell evreewon the good noos

Jesus caim to sai goodbI to his frends and then went to liv in hevn with God. 


Afternoon Focus 

Easter Cards