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Thursday 21st Jan


Warm up 

The warm up today is complete the pattern train game. We play this in school lots so the children will know how to play. How many patterns can you try?


Today we are learning about capacity. Please watch the videos below (click on session 3) and follow along with Mrs Balls lesson. 

Mrs Ball Numeracy


Provide a tall narrow container and a wide shallow one. Ask your child to predict which will hold more water? How could they check? 
More containers could be added and you could ask your child to order them from smallest capacity to greatest.




Warm up

Can you play the sound game on the below link. Try level 1, 2 ,3 ,4 or 5. 



Please watch the video below. 

Watch how the fish are moving.

Can you move like that?

How would you describe this movement? 

Look at their appearance, how would you describe it? 

Can you point out any of the fish's features that you learnt yesterday? Gills, fins, tail or scales. 

Ask your grown up to write down or write down some of your ideas yourself, we will need these for our activity tomorrow. 




Please see google classroom 


This afternoon we are learning about the creatures that live in a rock pool.

1. Learn the names of the creatures on the PowerPoint

2. Play the naming game

3. Count the creatures (you do not need to print this out you can do it verbally).