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Thursday 25h Feb


Today can you learn this sea tune?


3. We're Off on an Adventure Song.mp3

Eye, ye be great pirate names!

Can ye talk like a pirate....

say these pirate phrases in your most pirate voice!! Arghhhhhh!

Today we would like you to think about what sort of pirate you would be.

Would you steal the treasure?

Would you bury the jewels?

Would you have lots of fights with other pirates?

Would you be really great at reading maps to find the X?


Have a think about what you would do? Have a go at writing down some ideas. Draw a picture of you in your book and write down 4 things you would be really good at if you where a pirate.



We expect notes not full sentences.


Can you write down your pirate name by your picture you have drawn?



What would be something you could not do as a pirate? What would be something that a pirate would find really hard? Can your note it down in a different colour to show it hard to do.



Warm up 


Cut up some paper strips of different lengths. Can you place them in order from shortest to longest? Remember to use the vocabulary long, longer, longest, short, shorter and shortest. 




Can you find 6 objects from around the house that vary in height? Can you place them in height order from shortest to tallest?


How can we measure each of these objects? Can we use beads/blocks/hands/feet/pencils? Can you record your findings in a table?




Build a tower from things that you can find around your house. Ask your child to build a tower of equal height. Can they build a taller tower? Can they build a shorter tower?



Look at the picture below. Which animal has built the tallest tower? Which 2 animals have built towers of equal height? Does it matter that some towers are longer if we are looking at height?




This afternoon we would like you to investigate floating or sinking. We need to find out what kind of material would make a good pirate ship. 

Think about what things you might see on the top of the sea and what they might be made from. 

You need:

A bowl/washing up bowl. 

6 different objects. 



Can you predict which of your items will float (floating is when an object stays on the surface level) ? 

Which items will sink to the bottom of the bowl? 



Did any of these surprise you?




Do all heavy objects sink? Do all light things float?