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Thursday 28th January



Warm up 

Can you show me 6 fingers? Can you place your hands above your head? Now with your hands above your head can you show me another way of showing me 6 using your fingers. Can you do this activity with numbers 7 and 8? 


Can you grab 6,7, or 8 objects? Can you draw 6,7 or 8 things? How quickly can you do this? On your marks, get set, go!





Which numicon pieces are these can you name them?







Today, we are going to look at composition of the numbers 6,7 and 8! 


Can you draw a ladybird similar to the one shown below? You are going to use each side of the ladybird to help you work out which two numbers add up to make the numbers 6,7 and 8. 


E.g below I have drawn a ladybird and I have drawn 3 spots on one side and 3 spots on the other side. I have written the number sentence 3+3=6 below it. 


I wonder how many ways of making 6,7, and 8 you can find?





Click on the link below to launch dice roller. Roll both dice and see if you can add them up and write down the corresponding number sentences. (the children only have to write the number sentence if the dice show the number 8 or below)



I have rolled 2 dice. My first Dice shows the number 4 and my second one shows _. The numbers add up to make the number 6. What is the number on the second dice?


I have rolled the number 3 on my first dice. The numbers add up to make the number 8. What is the number on the second dice?



Today we will be using our descriptive captions from yesterday about the fish who could wish to write a character description in full sentences. 


We are looking for 4 sentences such as these below. Please ensure that this is independent work- we want the children to hear the sounds in the words and find the sounds on their sound mat independently. It does not matter if the word is not spelt correctly as we are looking for phonically decodable sentences such as these. The words in yellow can be found on their tricky word mat - encourage them to find them independently.


He has a fieree orinj tail.  -- He has a fiery, orange tail.

He has sliperee scails. ----     He has slippery scales.

He has a hooj, cheekee smIl.    -- He has a huge, cheeky smile.

He has tull, pointee fins.   ----- He has tall, pointy fins. 


Remember your finger spaces, capital letters and full stops!


We cannot wait to see your amazing writing on learning Book!



Can you compare the descriptions of the fish's features to something else?

E.g He has slImee scails like jellee.

Phonics - Please see google Classroom for your child's phonics lesson. 

Afternoon Activity 


Following on from our pop art lesson yesterday. 


Can you remember what the pop artist was called? (Andy Warhol)


What kind of colours did he use in his art work? (very bright, bold colours)


Today We would like you to follow along with the video shown below. 


We would like to draw this twice and colour one version of the picture in the correct colours and the other using pop art colours. 


Here is an example of one I did earlier! (I did not have time to colour the background in but make sure you do)


If you have not got time to finish colouring both pictures today you will have some time tomorrow afternoon too!