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Thursday 4th Feb



Warm up


Can you throw 5 objects into a target area. Can you throw 1 more object? How many objects have you thrown?

Can you throw 7 objects into a target area? Can you go and pick one of them up  to show one less? How many objects are left in the target zone?


Have a look at the picture below. 

Can you find the 2 groups of flowers? How many flowers are in each group? Can you put the 2 groups together- how many are altogether?


Can you find a group of 2 and a group of 5? How many are there altogether in these 2 groups?


Can you draw your own picture of a zoo or park and draw some groups of animals or plants? Can you combine them and create your own number sentences?


Remember to use the words- groups, add and altogether.







Listen to our new class text 'Hooray for Fish'.





 We are working towards a Who am I? Poem. 


After you have watch this we would like you to guess which fish we are talking about. The focus of this exercise is independent reading and understanding what they have read and responding appropriately. 


Please allow your child to read these sentences to guess which fish we are talking about. (the words in yellow can be read to your child as they are not phonically decodable/include an unfamiliar sound)


Fish no 1

I am long.

I am thin.

I have no fins.

I am orange.


Fish no 2

I am flat.

I have spots.

My tail is thin.


Fish no 3

I have spots.

I am big.

I am round.

I can puff up.


Fish no 4

I am green.

My tail is flat. 



If you want to,  maybe you could make one up for your adults to read?







Phonics- Please see Google Classroom for your child's phonics lesson. 

Afternoon Focus 


Today is the last day is of our story telling focus! Can you make up your own story using objects/toys from around your house? It can be as whacky and imaginative as you like. Please email your stories to..

or Upload the written version to learning book if you are having trouble.


Some things to remember....

Name your characters

describe your characters 

Where is your story set?

what is the major problem in your story?

How is it resolved?


Key Vocabulary-

once upon a time

One day...




after that


they lived happily ever after

four leaf clover my story is over


Here is an example story structure. 


Once upon a time there was a tiger called Timmy. Timmy has bright orange and black stripes. His teeth were pearly white and sharp. His favourite thing to do was to play hide and seek. One sunny day, he was walking through the woods when he saw his friends Ollie Owl and Percy Pig. He asked them if they would like to play hide and seek with him. They said yes and off they went to hide. '1,2,3..10 ready or not here I come!' shouted Timmy. Off he went to find them. Suddenly, it got very dark and Timmy still hadn't found his friends. He was terrified and ran home. Luckily, his friends were hiding in the back garden of his house! 'Phew I found you', said Timmy. After that, they all went inside and had ice cream. They lived happily ever after, four leaf clover my story is over.