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Thursday 4th March


Today you are going to create a wanted poster. We know that the pirate who stole the treasure had:

long hair

no glasses

black hat

was tall


We think the pirate:

had a wooden leg (because of the bumping noise) 

2 little people on each others shoulders


Here are some examples of what you could do.






Can you write down three of the clues as sentences

Use your sound mats independently



Something like this:


pirat stowl gold treasure

pirat has long hair

pirat dus not hav glassis

priat might hav a woodun leg





Warm up 


Can you find shapes in this picture and tell me their properties? How many sides and corners do they have? 



Today we are going to have a look at some more complex patterns. We have looked at patterns before but we have only looked at simple ABAB patterns. E.g red counter, blue counter, red counter, blue counter etc. 



Have a look at the patterns below. Can you figure out the rule and continue the pattern? Draw the rest of the pattern on a piece of paper or whiteboard. 




Have a look at the picture below. There is a mistake in each pattern. Can you figure out what is wrong with each pattern and correct it?

Phonics - Please see your child's google classroom for their phonics activity.


A pirate is able to read a treasure map. Over today and tomorrow we are going to be making our own maps to our journey to school, but we will make it look like a treasure map. (it doesn't have to be real just what your child thinks for their journey to school).



Have a look at these maps below...

Today we will need to draw a map on a piece of paper. Tomorrow we will make it look old.

1. Draw your house in the top corner. Draw school in the bottom corner.

2. Think about some things you might see on the way and draw them.

3. Draw a dash space dash space  line along the sights from home to school.