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Thursday 7th January

Mrs Jones is here to help if you need any: 


Warm up

Counting forwards and backwards from 10 - please follow the link below to a song we use in class. 




Today we are learning about Day and Night and the order we do certain things. Please watch the Video and say when you think we do the activities. 


Can you draw a picture of something you do in the: 

1. morning,

2. day,

3. evening,

4. at night

What happens if you do them in the wrong order? Do you get up and put on your Pyjamas? Do you eat lunch and go to bed? 


Please see google classroom where the link for your child's phonics learning is shared (Coloured groups)


Based on yesterdays video bubbles we would like you to have a go at writing, if you had some magic bubbles, what you would wish for and where you would go?

Please use the sound mat below to help with your phonics. 

Expectation for writing. 

I  wish I can go to the b-ee-ch (beach)

I wish I can go to s-p-ai-s (space)

I wish I can h-a-v (have) a p-u-p-e (puppy)

I wish I can h-a-v (have) an I-s-c-r-e-m (ice cream)


2 simple sentences, Independent sounding, Matching letters to sounds. 

Afternoon Focus

Today is following from yesterdays lesson all about beat today we would like to to learn to hear the syllables in words. 

Please watch the clip below about syllables. 

Can you clap out the syllables of your family members names? What about your pets? Your friends names? 


Using a saucepan and a spoon can you tap out the syllables of your name